Rockstar: 'Terrible parents' buy our games for kids

Rockstar's Lazlow has slammed parents that buy his own firm's violent video games for their children. The condemnation arrives as the studio's latest game, Red Dead Redemption, makes its way to stores worldwide.

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Coffin873894d ago

rofl of course R* says this.
i mean, they are the guys who as kids always had the best videogames that no other parents would buy their kids. but now that they have become useful working members of our society, what else can you do but say this.

va_bank3894d ago

Do you personally know anyone who works at R*? Didn't think so.

Etseix3894d ago

im... demanding my parents for this? hahaha

Inside_out3894d ago ShowReplies(1)
AKNAA3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

If my 4 year old daughter loves me more than anything, then I definitely don't feel like a terrible parent even though I let her play GTA4...
Her first time playing it, she was driving around shotting people, lol! so I go "hunny, you shouldn't shot innocent people like that, its not Nice. you should only shot the bad people that try to hurt you"

then a few minutes later when I walked by again, she goes" Look daddy! see I'm not shotting any good people no more because its bad rite!
I'm like good girl..
she then says "but those police are shotting me, can I shot them back?".... I'm like "uuuugh.. sure, go rite ahead. LOL!
but you get the point...
when I mess up in a game, I'll cuss & sh1t!(thinking she's in her room) but she'll come out of nowhere and say" Bad word daddy!!" so I'm like sorry hun, ahaha!....
I figure, since I have a lot of violent video games, my daughter is gonna see me play them sooner or later, so why not just let her embrace it, while teaching her the difference from right and wrong, good & bad, something thats just a game to reality?!
she's 5 now and doesn't have a violent bone in her body, unlike some other mean, bad mouthing kids I've met who don't even play games!

jagstatboy3894d ago

so did you let your kid have sex with a hooker and then kill said hooker in GTA4?

blizzard_cool3894d ago

Dude you're no way near the problem.
1. you don't complain
2. you keep an eye out for her
3. *this is a bonus* you spend time with her

I hardly think that you're a bad parent. Everyone here who says that they didn't play a game that they once weren't old enough to play is full of bullshit.

Army_of_Darkness3894d ago

yeah bro, he's gonna let her definitely do that sh1t, even though he keeps an eye on her & tells her that killing people is bad, Duhh..

@blizzard, exactly what I was thinking!

PS360_373894d ago

You are right on the money AKNAA

If R* said "Terrible parents' buy our games for kids without teaching them the differences between video games and real life," instead of "Terrible parents' buy our games for kids," they would be right.

I played many a violent game underage, but you don't see me acting on those experiments. My parents taught me right and wrong. They also taught me to take responsibility for my actions, something that today's parents (not you) do not do. They want to blame everyone else for their failures in parenthood.

XerockX3894d ago

your daughters f*cked.

just kidding. My 3 year loves riding around the old west in red dead redemption. I don't let him go around killing or using weapons. He like using the lasso and "walking dogs" on the rope! It's kinda funny when they turn on him and bite him.Point is, I let him play the game but not the violently. You have to play it with them,monitor them,and make it just a small part of the day. We have to get them outside,educate them and teach to to be decent human beings first and foremost.Video games don't ruin kids. Sh*tty Parents do.

FragGen3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

That you were able to give your child something fun to do to take her mind off the fact that she is growing up in a trailer park.

Another One3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

@ XerockX

Amen to that. Especially that last statement. Parents need to teach their kids right from wrong at a young age. I don't think most parents now-a-days give a shit. It's pretty sad.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with younger kids playing these games. 4 might be a bit young for GTA, but the fact that you also use it to teach her right and wrong is good. And if any kid is raised right and knows the difference between right and wrong, no amount of violent games will make them violent people.

IaMs123894d ago

I dont believe its wrong, i mean when i was that age my pop let me play Doom, and at the time was the worse out there because it just came out. I loved it, but that hasnt changed me today. I dont think games really change people all that much, but unfortunately there are some that do and its sad to see.
Play the game for fun, and enjoyment out of it. Its a chance to live in a fantasy world, a way to release the anger and stress by killing your friends :) haha HF and GL

DaTruth3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

When I wasn't old enough to play those games, there were no ratings systems in effect. So I haven't played any games I was too young for. I also had a videogames hiatus between the ages of 12 and 21... except for the Street Fighter 2 craze that ended promptly when I lost my virginity and discovered Mary J. Wana!

Not disagreeing with your overall point, but some of us are that f'in old!

NCAzrael3893d ago

The point here is did you buy the game for your 4 year old daughter, or did you buy the game so you could play it? At 4 years old she's not old enough to completely grasp what is going on in the game. It's completely different if you weren't a gamer, and bought the game for her when she was a few years older and understood the concepts of what was going on. Lazlow is addressing the types of parents who buy their kids whatever game they want, thinking that it will keep them out of their hair for a while. These parents, who never pay attention to what their kids are doing, and never try to take the time to make sure their children understand the difference between reality and a video game, and the difference between right and wrong, are the parents Lazlow's talking about.

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PS360_373894d ago

@ Cez of Rage
Take your fanboyism out of this please.

The fact is, it is the parent's fault. Its not R*'s job to make sure kids are raised properly, its the parent's responsibility.

You sound like the type of person that blames everything on other people instead of taking responsibility for your own actions.

Do you blame gun makers when some idiot shoots someone?

I would love to know how old you are. My parent's taught me to take responsibility for my actions. It seems you may have been raised a little differently.

Heisenberg3894d ago

I agree, it's the parents job to decide what is or isn't appropriate for their kid, so if it's not R* job they should stay out of it, leave it alone, don't go out and publicly make an outrageous generalized statement like anyone who buys our games for their kids are terrible parents.... Honestly, never should a game publisher be calling people terrible parents, especially for something so trivial. It's simply low class, and bad for business. It's just not their place.

They can easily just say these are games for adults, not intended for children, it's the parents responsibility to decide what they do or don't want their children playing or watching, and their job to enforce those rules. That's a reasonable example, there is no reason whatsoever to add a highly inappropriate insult into the mix, especially when it comes to peoples kids, you don't just say people are terrible parents, that's a very serious and insulting thing to say.

ZombieNinjaPanda3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

@Some people above

Wow seriously guys? This guys is standing up for us gamers that are old enough to actually play these types of games.

When children play these violent video games, and crimes are committed, the media tries every which way they can to link it to the games, and you guys know damn well they always blame it on video games. You also know damn well that they try to put so many limitations on video games because of this.

This guy is speaking absolute sense when he's saying parents are bad if they're buying M (17+) games for their children. They shouldn't be playing these games if they cannot handle it, which in many cases they can't.

Try reading the article, he speaks a lot of sense in it.

[email protected] AKNAA above

Just gotta make sure she knows the difference between video games and reality. If you already exposed her to violent games like that.

Darkstorn3894d ago

Rockstar has a point. It's rated 'M' for a reason, and parents who buy Rockstar's games for their kids are giving the games industry bad publicity.

HolyOrangeCows3894d ago

LOL,'ll lose 90% of your market.

No FanS Land3894d ago

Really? You should take a look at gamer's average age.

FragGen3894d ago

So they're "terrible" people? And all this time I never knew... (cries)....

Huh? What birthday? 42nd! :)

MNicholas3894d ago

It's much easier than spending time with the child and making sure they complete their homework.

Heisenberg3894d ago

You can say you don't feel children should play your games, but you got balls saying somebody's a terrible parent if they allow their kids to play it. Some kids are mature enough, and well taught to understand right from wrong and fantasy from reality. My parents were quite liberal about allowing me to watch R movies and play mature games when I was a young lad, I was also very mature for my age and had a firm grasp on the reality of the situation.

I understand the point he's trying to make, in that parents shouldn't bitch at them about these games effect on their children when it's not intended for children and it's the parents responsibility to keep their children from playing it, but what an asinine thing to say, calling anyone who allows their kids to play their games is a terrible parent.

As if you can measure a parents worth based on what videogames their kids have played, rather than the values they're taught before they ever played the game. A parent that lets their child know he/she is loved, makes sure they're fed, clothed and getting an education, and has an otherwise healthy relationship with open communication is a TERRIBLE parent because they bought that kid Red Dead... Bull! Shît!

I agree most kids should not be playing M games, but ultimately it's up to the judgement of the parents. Some are terrible parents, and shouldn't have got them the game... But they're terrible parents for other reasons, not because they bought their child an inappropriate game.

Just stick to making games R* that's what you're good at, it's not your job to pass judgement on your customers. It's certainly not your job to tell anyone how to raise their children. This comment really pissed me off... R* just lost a ton of respect in my book.

Commander TK3894d ago

agree. Some parents and adults r lazy ass motherf*****s

raWfodog3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

...about parents who buy M rated games for their children and let them play the whole game unsupervised. That is not good parenting.

But with that said, I'm a parent who has let my son play GTA games only while I was watching him. He had strict rules to only drive the cars and race though. In no way was he allowed to shoot or intentionally kill people. He could drive away from the cops but when they caught him, it was game over :)

Jamegohanssj53894d ago

ROFL! Guess I had horrible parents.


BattleAxe3894d ago

Well at least Rockstar knows that their target audience are the ``Terrible Parents``

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ballsofsteel3894d ago

i use to work walmart in electronics and i would always get parent that were angry at me cause they have to come down and buy their kids M rated games. they would say it stupid for them to have to buy it for them. and the funny thing is these are the same people that continually bitch how bad video games are for kids

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3894d ago

The anti-video game lobbyists are just hypocrites who find scape goats to blame. It's like blaming Smirnoff for underage drinking.

tdogchristy903894d ago

they are willing to keep kids away from the lottery, smoking, drinking, even R rated movies, they even praise it. you don't see parents complain about those things and yet they complain when video games do it.

unrealgamer583894d ago

the sad thing is most parents don't care what games they get there kids but as soon as a kid becomes violent It's automatically the games fault. lol

HarryM3894d ago

I've been waiting for Rockstar to say this since GTA IV.

Hank Hill3894d ago

So true. I saw it with my own eyes at the midnight launch.

BeaArthur3894d ago

Yep, and those will be the same parents that blame video games when their kid steals a car or sells drugs.