Sony - "We look forward to working with Peter Moore "

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton has said he's confident the company will continue to have a good relationship with EA Sports now Peter Moore is to head up the division.

"We wish Peter the best of luck in his new role at Electronic Arts and look forward to working with him," Tretton said in a statement.

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MaximusPrime5418d ago

you gotta to be kidding me?
On Peter Moore's mind, Xbox 360 is his priority. So he probably will force EA to make games better on xbox than ps3.

TECHNOshamanism5418d ago

how does a story like this make for news? , its not like he's going to work for sony now

rev205418d ago

Cant keep hold of petty grudges in business they want the most money possible EA always have.

Salvadore5418d ago

Doesn't matter if 360 is his first priority because if there are 2 or more ways in increasing your profit, you will look at all of those areas (in this case console). I think that Peter will in his opinion priorities the 360, but business wise, he will have to be open to his competitiors.

mighty_douche5418d ago

do you really think peter moore cares about xbox or ps3? he is a business man, and one that is out to do the best for its business! after leaving microsoft (which he obviously wasnt happy at) hes not gonna hold any loyalty to either console, his priority will be simple to make money same as when he was xbox's big cheese!

MaximusPrime5417d ago

im just showing what may happen.

btw- im a hardcore Sony fan.

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TriggerHappy5418d ago

Of course they do, they dont really have a choice in this matter.

ReconHope5418d ago

hmm lets see what becomes of this.

Bill Gates5418d ago

I'm telling you people, there's something fishy about Peter and that other dude from EA trading positions. Nintendo & Sony watch your backs.


Mr VideoGames5418d ago

i can't wait for Peter to slap him across the Face

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The story is too old to be commented.