130° £425 PS3 Offer: PS3, Extra Sixaxis, HDMI Cable, 3 Games now offer the PS3 Console, a choice of three games, an extra Sixaxis controller and an HDMI cable for the retail price of £425.

"To make buying a PlayStation 3 easier on your wallet, we've created a fantastic money-saving bundle that includes a PlayStation 3 console, extra controller, HDMI cable and three games for only £424.99. Alternatively you can get a PlayStation 3 console, extra controller, HDMI cable and two games for £399.97.

These offers exclude items bought from sellers other than

To receive this offer, just add the combination of console, accessories and games listed below to your Shopping Basket before midnight on August 31, 2007 and enter the correct promotional code when prompted at the checkout stage. Please ensure you add the console and the qualifying products to your Shopping Basket - the items will not appear in the Shopping Basket unless you add them.

PlayStation 3 console, extra controller, HDMI cable, Virtua Fighter 5 and your choice of two of the games below--total price £424.97
· Add the following products to your basket:
PlayStation 3 console
Virtua Fighter 5
SIXAXIS Wireless Controller (PS3)
HDMI Cable
Two of the games listed below
Use code: ZFOQPAXU"

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Vip3r5427d ago

That's a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Mr VideoGames5427d ago

i mean c'mon WTF if they don't want to buy the PS3 don't try and sweeten the DEAL lol funny

rev205427d ago

You say that but i imagine there is alot of ppl saving and waiting for it to be reasonble priced with gmaes so they can afford it.

Probrebly just sat with a ps2 now, the funny thing is if only 20% of the ps2 userbase buy a ps3 then it will still of sold more worldwide then the xbox 360....

Bill Gates5427d ago


I think they're hiring for "Dumb & Dumber 3"....ahhaahahah

scoobysnacks5427d ago

Your funny, er not, good job no-one was asking for your opinion. Let me introduce to you the correct use of the word pathetic in a easy to understand two word statement, "pathetic troll". Think everyone understood that.

Anyway, yeah for the UK, not a bad deal at all. Would be nice to see it cheaper, as in comparable to the U.S.A. Its so annoying to hear complaints still about the price over there (you really do get it so much cheaper than the rest of the world, and we pay over the top on most things in the UK compared to america). But back to the topic, I paid full price on launch day here in the UK, and I would still say that the last few months, money well spent, its an excellent, well built system, and the future for PS3 after E3 is looking bright. As a lot of articles in N4G in the last week have shown after the price drop in the US, Amazon sales there are going through the roof, well those people buying most of been waiting to buy one, hope the same happens here for amazon, a price drop here though of say £50 would help if your listening Sony.

hazeblaze5427d ago

You say that's pretty pathetic.... and yet both Amazon & Walmart were sold out of PS3's since last week!

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DirtyRat5427d ago

Very good deal, but they should also offer the console with nothing for less e.g. £350 for example

MrSwede5427d ago

Couldn´t agree more. And why don´t they? Do they get a bigger profit on game sales?

CAPS LOCK5427d ago

very Good deal if you ask me, but how do you buy it? It dunno how to buy...

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The story is too old to be commented.