DS versus PSP: Who won E3?

It's not as straightforward as you might think.

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Babylonian5424d ago

But that's just because I'm going to get the PSP Slim real soon after it's release.

The Swordsman5424d ago

PSP won it. It had a redesign, a redesign that was more than purely cosmetic.

Ravenator5295424d ago

Only because Nintendo seemed to focus on the Wii more than anything else. Not to mention they spent a lot of time just patting themsevles on the back for their sales numbers.

They did show Phantom Hourglass but I have already seen so many videos of that game on the internet.

The PSP came in with a re-desinged case, an overhaul to the "D" pad and they moved the WLAN switch to the top of the unit rather than on the side. Also the media functionality where you can now hook the new PSP up to a television.

Granted the PSP will probably never catch up to the DS in sales, IMO the PSP is a better system. Especially at $170.

I use my PSP way more than my DS.

MaximusPrime5424d ago

I havent seen Nintendo presentation or microsoft. But ive seen Sony's.

I would say PSP slim won.

xXheidiXx5424d ago

i own a psp, n believe me it deserved to win. its awsome! the graphics are great n clear. i can even use it on my ps3 :)

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