IncGamers: Red Dead Redemption Review

Richard Walker looks to the West and takes a trip into the wild:

"Rockstar's pedigree in crafting immense and detailed open- worlds should tip you off as to what you should expect from Red Dead Redemption, but it's so much more than just 'GTA with cowboys' as it's been lazily dubbed by so many unimaginative hacks. Red Dead Redemption does weave a similarly epic story though, picking up as John Marston arrives in New Austin escorted by two federal agents. Marston is a man with a murky past, who starts out with nothing and must scrape out a living as a farm hand on the MacFarlane ranch, before moving into sidelines with the local law in the small town of Armadillo. The story is a slow-burner, but then it's not long before you're presented with one of the most remarkable open-worlds we've ever seen in a game."

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Djorgo3074d ago

I've seen this like everywhere on ads and stuff. Good to know it's worth it :)

Maticus3074d ago

Wow, high scores everywhere for this game!

Dorjan3074d ago

It can't be that good!? o.O