Which next-gen console sold the most?

With the three current next-gen consoles, the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, the console console-war is still in abundance to pace.

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Shadow Flare5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

So the dreamcast has only sold 10.08 million now? I thought MS said they sold that back in 2006? What happened to the 11.6 million sold?

Oh wait, i know why the Xbox 360 has REALLY only just sold around 10 stuffing

Stuffing shipments with too many 360's last year to inflate sales figures to make it seem like it sold 10 million, but in reality, it's only just sold around 10-11 million. They didn't even reach their REDUCED target of 12 million down from 15 million. And lets not include the 33% failure rate in this. No wonder moore left


lex, yeah...i've never changed my style of commenting, so i dunno what you're jibbering about. I like how this article has so many xbox fans in it that don't like my comment, yet don't actually say its wrong.

It just struck me that the 360 sales are STILL hovering around the 10 million mark and they haven't budged since 2006. I knew why that was and i felt it was worth commenting. Don't like it? Well you wouldn't would you?

Well, i'm gonna make like a 360 motherboard and split

WIIIS15428d ago

Man you should really stop sh!tting in your own backyard by talking about sales figures.

Lex Luthor5428d ago

you used to be a decent bloke when you first came to this site, now your just a flippin' retard.

Mike134nl5428d ago

with a bonus of 1.5 million dollar. Moore would be crazy not accepting the offer.

FordGTGuy5428d ago

VGChartz again please people stop approving these retarded stories that are using VGChartz.

MaximusPrime5428d ago

this news apparently posted by "idontcare"

Mr VideoGames5428d ago

still in the lead of course

rev205428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

In the lead after a near on 2 year headstart then i would be seriously worried, state the obvious why dont you


Edit im only referring to the ps3 as after having a wii that shouldnt even count i may change my view on that when mario kart is out though ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.