Madden NFL 11 Screenshots

EA has released some new screenshots for this years Madden NFL title.

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seinfan3255d ago

The players' faces look accurate, but the skin tone is way off. Sucks that the exclusive license is still in effect. I might pick up Backbreaker some time this year. I'll get Madden in a bargain bin next year.

SeanRL3254d ago

Backbreaker will definitely be more fun even if it doesn't have any real teams.

divideby03254d ago

I just have to see the camera angle in BB to be sold on looks awesum. even with out the NFL license I am intrested

CountDracula3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

pretty faces :o

BinkyStalls3254d ago

looks like madden 2003 i mean 2004 i mean 2001 no wait...

JJFNIGHTS803254d ago

When can they ever stop making madden? just the same thing every year except they just update their graphics and features and players over and over. I'm still going to get Backbreaker.

Topshelfcheese3254d ago

why would they stop making it? almost 6million people buy it every year. Just cause you don't like it, doesn't mean its not popular.

Biggest3254d ago

Popular doesn't count when it's the only option. Madden was the best NFL game 3 times in its life. GameDay and NFL2K were usually much better. Damn do I miss NFL2K.

HungPHAT3254d ago

After playing the Backbreaker demo I'm finally buying a Football game again ! Long live the King ESPN 2K5 !!!! You can keep that garbage EA......

Colonel-Killzone3254d ago

Indeed 2k5 had features madden just decided to add for a long time now lol

Topshelfcheese3254d ago

your insane man...Backbreaker is nearly unplayable. Every game i watched people play ended in a score of 0 - 0 and total offense of like 20 yards for both teams combined. It does some things well, but I don't see it selling all that well.

iceman063254d ago

It is probably going to take some getting used to. I hear that the analog stick gameplay needs a bit of tweaking, but other than that, it is a good game of football. I am waiting for the demo (rumored to be Tuesday for the PS3 and Xbox should have been Friday). So, we shall see! Either way, no Madden for me this year. I will give them another year to get their new pro-tak to be more intuitive and perhaps do something...dare I say...NEW!?!?

Boody-Bandit3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I picked up 2010 and I played 1 game and they I handed it to my son and never touched it again. It's one of the most milked franchises in gaming history. It's nearly identical year after year and the AI isn't even close to real football. It's just too random for me.

I have yet to play the BB demo but hopefully it's more fun than what EA puts out year after year. Man I would give anything for the NFL to stop being so F'n greedy and allow others to make "licensed" football games.

HungPHAT3254d ago

I know a random guy who would love Madden ! Guess who ?

Boody-Bandit3254d ago

I'm not the one going to E3 with that closet gamer friend of yours, you are. LOL! He is going to go nuts when he sees this article and those new Madden screen shots.

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The story is too old to be commented.