New Xbox 360 games outshine Wii & PS3

GamerMetrics has compiled the most anticipated games for the second half of 2007 according to online page visits in the US. Topping the list of prospective best sellers is Halo 3, followed by Madden NFL 08 and Grand Theft Auto IV.

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CrazzyMan5428d ago

i don`t know why, i just think so. =)))

Also Known As5428d ago

lets see if N4G will post this in the front page and not just the xbox360 section.

Hayabusa 1175428d ago

Where was Japan mentioned in the article?

okcomputer5428d ago

Alright AKA, this story was posted on the front page. So can we now stop with the paranoid fanboy whining about n4g being a "sony propganda site"?

achira5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

lol a xbot fanboy article. by the way gta4 and madden are also on ps3. and how needs halo, lol.
edit: bloodmask you sucked ms balls too long. since when is gta and madden only on xbox360 ? lol, some ppl here get hilirious.

Tackle9905427d ago

So what a positive 360 is posted so ur gonna call it an "xbot fanboy article"?

Get a grip.

And if u read Bloodmasks post correctly he actually has a good point....

Babylonian5428d ago

Don't know. I think it differs per region. In the US, people like those kind of games. But here in Europe we like some variety of western and eastern games. And of course in Asia they like asian (Japanese) games.

Eagle Eye5427d ago

That what sells best in the USA. But it's not all we play I for one hardly ever play sport games. We like eastern games and others too. Heck the game I'm looking forward too most is a rpg (Mass Effect).

Bloodmask5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Halo 2, GTA, and Madden were the best sellers last gen.

I realize that you can get Madden and GTA4 on PS3. But only all 3 will be available on the 360. These are already proven franchises.

Casual gamers will buy a lot of systems based on these key big 3 franchises.

360 also has all bases covered this holiday season with many new RPG's coming out , as well as games that cover all the genres. All systems have great games coming out. Late '07 is just when all the 360 heavy hitters are coming like Too Human, Mass Effect and Bioshock. For PS3 most will be next year.(MGS4, KZ2, FF13 etc.)

Omegasyde5427d ago

Yea this fall does have alot of games in favor of 360 but one game will trump them all.

A new Mario Brothers Game.
And since the hype for the wii is running rampant, so will Mario.

More people know who the heck Mario is, than know what the halo franchise is all about. Let alone Microsoft "hardware" failure has made national news on local new channels across the world and on CNN and even "MSN"BC.

The defences are set, the weapons are loaded. The real war begins this holiday season.

Crazyglues5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

I am a PS3 fan, indeed, but the one thing I walked away feeling from the E3 show is that Xbox 360 this Christmas will have the games.

There is no doubt that Xbox 360 is going to have a lot of games for gamers to choose from and one important thing that can make or break a system is games. Sony right now does not have games and it's been hurting the systems launch.

We will catch up, but in the mean time Xbox 360 is running away with this thing. You have to take your hat off to the Xbox 360 fans they have chosen a very good system and they have games, that's a killer combination. Not to mention right now most of the games look better on Xbox 360 which just hurts so bad as a PS3 fan to say.

And with our killer games coming out 2008, that a tough pill to swallow.

Sure the war is far from over, I still believe we can win in the second half, but if this was checkers xbox 360 fans would be saying "crown me!" right about now. Or This Holiday season they will be saying "Owned Like a NOOB!"... but it's ok, we will try not to take it personal.. LoL

After all it all in gaming fun.

Captain Tuttle5428d ago

Yeah, MS is going to have a fantastic 4th quarter of '07...they'll win Christmas. I'm a bit more concerned about '08 as a whole though. E3 left me wondering what's next for the 360 outside of a couple of big games (Fable 2, Fallout 3). Sony's going to have a great '08.

Bubble for you man.

hazeblaze5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

I agree that the 360 will have a strong game lineup for the holiday. What I disagree with is that it will be any stronger than the PS3's. As most people noticed most of the great games coming to the 360 for the holiday are all multiplats. With the exception of Halo 3, Bioshock and Mass Effect, there are no other exclusives really worth getting excited about.

The PS3 on the other hand will have all the same multiplats plus Haze, UT3, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, etc. Granted the PS3's heavy hitters won't be out until 08 but there are still plenty of exciting titles. With the exception of Mass Effect, I'm more excited to get to play Haze, UT3, Warhawk, & Uncharted than anything coming out on the 360 this holiday.

killedinaction95427d ago

I think thats the first time Ive ever agreed with a sony fanboy.Im not exactly a xbox fanboy but i do own a 360 and the amount of sh*t i hear from sony fanboys is unbareable.
One thing sony fanboys dont seem to understand is that alot of people owned the ps2.Alot of those people were also pissed when they heard the ps3 price and bought a 360 instead.So were not exactly xbox fanboys but angry sony fanboys.
Anyway Crazyglues your cool and heres a bubble from me too.

JasonXE5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Beautiful Katamari, Project Gotham Racing 4, Guitar Hero 3, Splinter Cell Conviction, Virtua Fighter 5 on XBL, Scene It?, Viva Pinata, Naruto for kids, Dance Dance RU2, Rock Band, Ace Combat 6, COD 4, GTA4 bonus content, Too Human, Madden, Two Worlds, Stuntman Igition, and Assassins Creed. This also includes what you mention of Halo 3, Bioshock, and Mass Effect (27 solid games). Also Haze, and UT3 are timed because of this massive lineup of games. They'll be release next year a long with Fable 2, Project Offset, Alan Wake (5 games) etc... This is not including Xbox Live Arcade titles too.

Some of the titles mention are multiplatorm obviously but it still adds up.

kewlkat0075427d ago

gamers just tell it like it is. Not because I think the same thing, but clearly the 360 has a better line-up from what we have been reading and getting excited for, as well developers and gaming sites. Not to say the Ps3 games don't look promising either, but I do not own a PS3, so it's hard to get excited, as I know, I will not get one this year.

Yeah much props for you a sony fan, that just sees games in general, not what you like over this or that, on your console of choice and all these justification why he does like other titles, and why he doesn't think it is a good line-up.

I can come up with plenty of reasons why I might not certain games. If I started doing that, I would miss out on some killa games as well as some sleepers.

ALMIGHTYPS35427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

To CrazyGlues:yOU BOUGHT THE WRONG CONSOLE!!Some advice;sell your PS3!Or,If you decide to keep your PS3,here's some more advice for you;take a deep breathe in(hold),breathe out,(relax),ahhh.Don't worry the PS3 party's just getting started baby!!

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