Valve discusses appeal of PS3 development

Valve’s resistance towards developing PS3 games is routinely portrayed as the studio harbouring an agenda against Sony’s flagship console, yet studio boss Gabe Newell suggests the issue is far more complex than it seems.

Newell confessed that he can’t explain why Valve isn’t yet making PS3 games “without having to detail this pretty long process about how we evaluate those kinds of decisions.” However, in a wide-ranging interview, the company’s co-founder appeared positive about the potential of the PS3.

”There are a lot of interesting things about the PS3, and easily the most interesting thing is the number of [Steam-user] customers who have PS3s,” he said.

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Shadow Flare3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Wow, after gabe saying that ps3 was a disaster and that sony should relaunch the console, if sure is eating humble pie now. And knowing gabe, it would be a king sized humble pie, wedged between 2 slices of chocolate

piroh3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Valve's engine is too old for my PS3 but if he makes a game i'll try the demo

Please, Gabe, for gods sake improve the graphics quality

theonlylolking3098d ago

At least make them look like bulletstorm.

kindi_boy3098d ago

Valve has gameplay quality that is often missed in this generation. But ya gabe is a big doooshi dooshi dooosh.

inveni03098d ago

I'm not interested in any of Valve's recent stuff (Left for Dead, etc.). I've played some of them on PC, and I just can't get into it. But, that doesn't mean they can't develop things that I want. For instance, I want Half-Lafe 3. It doesn't have to be on PS3, it just has to be awesome like Half-Life 2. The fact that I can go back and play HL2 (while not being much of a shooter fan) today and not at any time think, "Man, these graphics suck," and turn it off--well, that says a lot about the gameplay.

Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay. And story. Valve used to be masters at the craft. Now, they just seem a little stuck on themselves. They're like the girl in high school that gives one guy a BJ, everyone hears about it, and suddenly she starts playing hard to get. You don't see many girls like that. But Valve is one of 'em.

table3098d ago Show
saint_john_paul_ii3098d ago

just played HL2:EP2 just now and your wrong.

cjflora3098d ago

Be nice to stewgard. He said MOST games. He clearly didn't mean anything within the last couple of years. =P

Dr Face Doctor3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I actually sort of agree with stewgard. I mean, there are some obvious exceptions (Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, etc.), but HL2: Ep2 still looks pretty fantastic. Now, if only they had more dynamic lighting, ambient occlusion and per-object motion blur, we'd be getting somewhere.

ColdFire3098d ago

Hahaha, L4D2 maxed on PC beats most games on the PS3.

FACTUAL evidence3098d ago

You're kiddin' right?.....Please tell me you're trolling.

HammockGames3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Newell confessed that he can’t explain why Valve isn’t yet making PS3 games “without having to detail this pretty long process about how we evaluate those kinds of decisions.”

Translation (minus Gabe's BS): "We simply don't know how to develop for the PS3. Now all the other devs are so far ahead of us that we probably can't catch up. But I'm going to continue giving vague non-replies to the PS3 question until this gen is over. I'm sure this will all blow over. Anybody want a cupcake?"

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Heisenberg3098d ago

Why would they be, all Gabe was doing was bashing the PS3 and its community, so most of us tuned the clown out, but now that the PS3 is thriving he clearly wants on board but is just too ashamed to directly say it after all of his shît talk in the past. He keeps dancing around the issue, gradually saying less and less arrogant and insulting things about the PS3 (but still arrogant and insulting nonetheless) . Maybe he figures if he does it slowly enough he can gradually go from childishly bashing the PS3 to supporting it and reaping the benefits without anyone noticing the irony.

HolyOrangeCows3098d ago

Who cares anymore?

They're on a sequel spree now. Portal 2, L4D7, etc.
Unless you like buying next-to-the-same annually...who cares anymore?

ColdFire3098d ago

Portal 2, a sequel to part of the Orange box, 3 years later :P
You clearly can't count, there have been 2 L4D's

kunit22c3098d ago

Left 4 Dead 3 on PS3!!!! Left 4 Dead is one of the few reasons I regret not having a PS3!

kunit22c3098d ago

wow I can't believe someone hasn't corrected me yet, I sounded so stupid, I obviously meant to say 360 at the end of that.

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theonlylolking3098d ago

They are just trying to get the fans happy so when they do release a game, they will buy it.

NYC_Gamer3098d ago

its not like we are beggin valve to make ps3 games...

poindat3098d ago

You guys wouldn't want games such as Left 4 Dead on the PS3? Or you are content with playing Episodes 1 and 2 of Half Life 2, even though the third installment (whenever it releases) will very likely not be playable on the PS3?

A good game is a good game. I don't understand your (or anybody's) reasoning for claiming that they don't want Valve games on the PS3, even though the demand is supposedly there. I also don't understand why these same people are content with actively claiming that they wish to actually have LESS well-made games on the PS3. Every PS3 gamer who cares about the experiences they receive should be supporting Valve in their continued consideration (and inevitable swaying) towards PS3 development.

This whole attitude of "we don't need them or want them anyways" is ridiculous. We shouldn't be begging, but we shouldn't be actively seeking to push Valve away either.

hay3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Actually I play Valve games on PC so yeah, I don't need it on PS3. Let's say, few more people thinks that way and voila: "we guys wouldn't want games such as Left 4 Dead on the PS3" <- please pay closer attention to personal take on this sentence.
Especially when you can play them with ease on 4 years old PC(verified).

You should understand by know why "they" may not want Valve games on PS3.

poindat3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

You may be able to play them with ease on older PCs, but even then, entirely rejecting the potential development for the PS3 is only limiting your options. You may prefer to play Valve games on the PC, but that by no means represents the chunk of people who would inevitably purchase the game for the PS3. Just as they did with the Orange Box.

You should understand by now that your choice of the PC does not represent the choice of many many others. Some prefer to use a PC, and others would prefer to use a PS3. Those who don't want their fellow gamers to experience good games on their machine of preference simply because they already have access to it are looking out only for themselves, rather than the user base as a whole.

And before you try to say, "most PCs are capable of running Valve games, so everybody should just take that route," let me remind you of the very real demand for Valve games on the PS3. Obviously that demand isn't coming from you, but it exists, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. Some simply prefer to game on consoles.

hay3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Actually gamers aren't rejecting anything. They're just talking. People would still buy Valve's games. Remember MWII boycott? Most of those haters and screamers just bought the game.
Some mean it, some just say like they mean it.

But if Valve don't want to develop on PS3 what else is left to do except talking. (and playing other games)

Chubear3098d ago

HL is pretty much THE only game PS3 gamers are receptive to from Valve and HL has always been on the Playstation anyways.

Few would like to try out L4D but when they get to play it will find it rather underwhelming from what they're used to already on the PS3.

TF2? well, go on TF2 on the PS3 and see how PS3 gamers give a toss about TF2.

Portal is another one that PS3 gamers look forward too but until a Half Life game and Portal game comes out and doesn't come on the PS3, there nothing to talk about.

The only 2 games PS3 gamers like from Valve have always been on the PS and that's not changing anytime soon.


L4D is more for a Rent than a buy.

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sikbeta3098d ago

True, some guys are begging and Forgetting about a PC as the Option to Play Valve Games


Suddenly Gabe is talking to much about the PS3, this is just making excuses + Damage Control...

Silly Mammo3098d ago

Yep! I have Half-life, L4D 1 & 2, TF2, DoD:S and a bunch of others all sitting in my Steam account on my PC. ;-)

edhe3098d ago

Or.. there's always the 360 :o

Oh shi.. forgot, we're not allowed to be gamers, only console zealots :x

xabmol3098d ago

That game is pure awesome sauce! I will play #2 one way or another, but I would prefer playing it on my PS3 with my friends.

Portal is the only game Valve ever made that I like!

kaos_fish II3098d ago

If you have a PC or MAC - Portal is FREE until May 24th. Check it out at

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divideby03098d ago

dont care.. I bought the first L4D and it got stale and feel off my bud list within one month, it was fun at first...L4D2...never made it big on my bud list neway

galgor3098d ago

petit damage control.

edhe3098d ago

How could you possibly say 'petite' in a thread about Gabe Newell?

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