Top 5 Worst Movie Tie-In Games Ever

Movie tie-in games almost always suck, and here you can find out which ones are the absolute worst of the worst.

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ironfist923168d ago

I can name 5 AWESOME Movie-Based Games for PS3 ALONE

Chronicles of Riddick
Aliens VS Predator
Terminator Salvation

The Tingler3168d ago

Hehe, that's next week's Top 5! :)

AVP and Ghostbusters aren't strictly tie-in games, as they didn't come out the same time as the movies and follow a different storyline.

Chronicles of Riddick came out the same time and was awesome, but was another story entirely - the same reason why Enter The Matrix and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter didn't get in the Worst Ever list.

Disagree on Terminator Salvation though, that was terrible.

Kerrby3167d ago

Terminator: Salvation is one of the WORST games I've ever played.

ironfist923167d ago

Terminator wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Had good game mechanics and some pretyy smart AI, just felt waaay to short, and incomplete.

GAM3R7l3167d ago

Huh?? NONE of those games were on "PS3 ALONE".

And, BTW.... Terminator Salvation was GARBAGE; WTF are you thinking???

Briefcase Joe3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

He didn't say they were EXCLUSIVELY for PS3. He's saying he could name 5 games just using the games that were released on the PS3. Meaning if he added the Wii, 360, and other systems he could have a bigger list.

HolyOrangeCows3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

"Terminator Salvation"


Shouldn't Iron Man 2 be there instead of the first one. At least the first game wasn't TOTALLY abysmal.

TheDeadMetalhead3167d ago

"Aliens VS Predator
Terminator Salvation"


ironfist923167d ago

What you got against AVP huh?

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ultramoot3167d ago

Add Transformers The Game to the list. Ugh!

The Tingler3167d ago

Revenge of the Fallen is much worse. I should know: I bought both. I'm an idiot.

crapgamer3167d ago

Should be
2.Fantastic 4 rise of the Silver Surfer
4.Batman Returns
5.Ghostbusters on the NES ---Congraturlations you've just beaten a great game!

spunnups3167d ago

LMAO was it really spelled that way? I think I remember seeing that on AVGN

SlaughterMeister3167d ago

Made me think of this old Lethal Weapon game I played when I was a kid. Damn, that game sucked.

SephireX3167d ago

I disagree with this article. I loved all five of these games. The writer has no appreciation of what crap games are about. If he understood crap, then he would appreciate these games. Simply saying a game is bad just because its crap is ridiculous! /s

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