Redesigned falcon Xbox 360 coming sooner rather than later

Word has escaped from Asian component manufacturers that Microsoft have accelerated the planning for the redesigned Xbox 360 mainboard. Project 'Falcon' as it's known internally aims to reduce the size of the main console components such as CPU & GPU from the standard 90-nanometer process down to 65-nanometer.

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Hayabusa 1175802d ago

Microsoft will deny it no doubt.

Daewoodrow5802d ago

i'd say they're more likely to
*click* neither confirm nor deny rumours or speculation *click*

heh, no but seriously though, they don't have much of a choice. Announcing the exact date a better version of a console will be out would kill sales until then.

coolmatrix5802d ago

Microsoft...rush out those new chips.

CUT CORNERS on testing!!!!!

Push these new boxes quickly out to market.

Save time and money where you can!!




REPEAT PROCESS....Ahhhhhh Rush, rush, rush...

MOTTO: We got games!!!!!!

Daewoodrow5802d ago

Oh, nice touch coolmatrix. You're going to waste your last bubble spouting the same tired old nonsense, so you hijack someone else's first post in the hopes of getting more attention.

dale15802d ago

moore junk on the way so i have legged it

Silver3605802d ago

I may upgrade to the elite when the new boards come out

Bloodmask5802d ago

the only thing hindering Micro at the moment.

Once these new chips are the standard it will be smooth sailing for them.


Best Online experience, Best game selection (look @ their software sales!), a crushing Fall lineup of AAA games starting with BIOSHOCK next month, moving on to HALO 3 which is going to be HUGE by itself, then MASS EFFECT (OMG - can't wait !), & icing the cake with GRAND THEFT IV, COD4, ASSASSIN's CREED, ect. all before Christmas 2007 !

A price cut could be a staggering blow - Imagine if they get the core down to around $250 or less, seriously competing with the Wii's sweet pricepoint & cut the Elite back to $200 less than the PS3 with all of these brand new titles available to go with your new Xbox360 ... It's going to be an interesting Christmas that's for sure !

_____________________________ _______________________________ ___________

Another outcome from the redesign, and possibly a more important factor is a reduction in costs. Moving from 90 to 65 nanometer fabrication could in fact reduce component costs by a staggering 50%. A price cut from Microsoft later in 2007 is widely expected and should place the 360 in a good position as we move forward in to the festive season. I would expect to see a cut of around 20% of RRP sometime between September and November when the ‘Falcon’ 360’s are set to arrive on store shelves.

30ROCK5802d ago

The damage to the image is done. The redesign won't have nearly as much publicity as the 1 billion loss due to ALL 360s being inherently prone to fault, therefore 360 will maintain this stigma until it's too late to make a turnaround.

THE VIOLATOR5802d ago (Edited 5802d ago )

I disagree, look at what Sony has done to consumers & you still support them. Console defects are nothing new, & M$ has stepped up to the plate. Sony didn't give a rat's ass when PS2's were clearly defective & did nothing for consumers but DENY. Sony has ALWAYS over promised and under delivered.

Let's take a brief look at how Sony treats consumers:

Paying people to advertise their PSP through graffiti, puting programs in music files that make systems at risk of viruses, exploding laptop batteries, claiming CG trailers are gameplay footage, now phasing out the 60gb model & denying it, all their games will be running at 1080p, the console race starts when they say it does, the cell processor, There will be 2 million PS3s at launch, the US launch date, the European launch date, Jack Trentton: The DS is trailing the PSP, ... Sony philosophy: wait for Nintendo to do it and then double it: Analog Stick? Dual Analogs! Rumble? Dual Shock!, Wii-mote ? Six Axis ! ... do I need to go on because this list is ENDLESS.

What is *TRULY* amazing is the blind Fanboyism that follows Sony & believes their crap after they lie to you over & over & over & over. Bottom line is:


MikeGdaGod5801d ago (Edited 5801d ago )

MS, by far, as done more to decieve their customers about everything. Sony talks up their products but thats what you're suppose to do when you're in business.

MS doesn't own up to anything. They still haven't even TRIED to explain the red lights. All they did was extend the warranty so simps like you can say, at least WHEN it fails I can go get a new one. Thats ok to you?

Everything you claimed Sony took from Nintendo, MS got from Sony. So they all copy if you gonna look at it like that.

I'm tired of hearing all this PS2 was a faulty system. I still have my original PS2 from 2000, never had any problems at all, and so do ALL of my friends. In fact, before joining this site, I never heard of anyone having problems with their PS2 and almost everyone I know has one. No BS........NEVER.

My 360 is another story, I'm currently on #3. Thats right, I've had it a little more than a year and had two different problems with each (red lights and the other wouldn't play anything I put in it). Its not just me either. Three of my friends that have a 360 have had different problems with theirs also. Its not just the red lights and thats the real scary part.

Get off MS d!ck actin like they can't do no wrong. I'm not saying Sony is perfect but seeing goofy @ss comments like the one you just wrote really gets me going. And the worst part is you probably believe that silly sh!t. Ok do this. Go compare the failure rate of the PS2 and 360. Its not even close.

PS3n3605801d ago

nobody even knows about the problems other than the 10's of people on these game sites. General public knows nothing of these fanboy rants.

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