StarCraft 2 Beta Patch 13 Brings Map Publishing

Today Blizzard has posted notes for patch 13 and the patch itself will be released soon. As before, there are many changes done on all three races.

The main new change is the Map Publishing, however, so that people can play home-made maps online with each other in multiplayer mode.

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Djorgo3258d ago

Oh my, that is awesome.

UIOP3257d ago

Very interesting changes. I especially like the Infested Terran being moved to Overlord and that forcefields now can be destroyed :)

Cogo3257d ago

The Overseer is really cool. Making the upgrade more worthwhile.

UIOP3257d ago

Gah, I meant the Overseer :P

Bandreus3257d ago

LOL, another huuuuuge patch. And a lot of great changes, Im only really concerned about the Ultralisk. I mean, the damage change is sweet, but lowering its hp, I'm not at all with this, it will die even quicker against units with good damage bonus vs armored. Poor scissors

Letros3257d ago

Dude, I play more Custom Games for Blizzard products than I do the actual game, nothing better than being able to play something new everyday for years to come, Elemental TD on WC3 is one of the most addicting games ever lol, this will be well worth $60.