Red Dead Redemption: Where's the DeLorean?

There is enough space for easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption, says Videogameszone. They published their Top-5 easter eggs whishlist. The DeLorean would be able to connect Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4.

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Marcello3071d ago

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Style bar fights are definatly something that this game should have had, lets hope they include them into the sequel

Akagi3071d ago

OMG, don't tell me you love They Call Me Trinity too? My all time favourite western. Also, in Red Dead Revolver, in one of the towns, the They Call Me Trinity soundtrack can be heard!

FordGTGuy3071d ago

They should definitely have a reference to him in this game.

Leathersoup3071d ago

Hahaha I can't watch a Trinity movie without wanting a half loaf of bread and a big bowl of chili or beans.

Rainstorm813071d ago

its still in 1885 with doc brown......RDR is in 1910....j/k

AssassinHD3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

The DeLorean should still be in a cave until 1955.

Pain213071d ago

It would be awesome if this car was in the game!

lordkemp0073071d ago

This game, the retailers and Rockstar can now go and take a big shiny f##K to themselves.

We get the game 3 days later than USA.
Rockstar have treated PS3 owners ONCE AGAIN with a glitch ridden bug filled sub HD experience.

Todays day of fun.

Argos -- Sorry sir we got NO delivery of PS3 copies to this or any surrounding branch.
Asda -- We are not stocking this title in our stores.
Comet -- We are not stocking this title at this branch.
Currys -- Its not coming up on my computer for delivery so we don't stock it here.
Blockbuster video -- We have no copies of PS3 (this was at store opening at 10 this morning so therefore they didn't get any.)
Morrisons Superstore --- On the phone --- Yes we have 2 copies left on ps3 -- No sir we cant keep one back for you -- Ok i'll pop down quick and pick it up -- 5 mins later at shop -- Sorry sir we only got 2 copies of the game 1 on xbox the other on ps3, and the ps3 one was sold at 8 this morning. -- WTF.

My patience has run out this game can go f*** itself and my hard earned money will be spent in the pub tonight.

My apologies for the rant but i was rather looking forward to playing this not only have ps3 owners been given a glitch ridden sub HD game we are further kicked in the balls by not even being able to purchase the game (where i live).

christian hour3071d ago

My bro's gettin it on 360, and so are nearly all my friends. My 360 broke again and I dont have gold sub anymore so I'm picking it up on ps3 as well. But I cant get it today because 1) i spent my money on "special" smokes for a party tonight, and 2) i gave my ps3 to a friend so he could finally play MGS4 :P And hes having too much fun with the ps3 ill let him have it for another week. THEN i'll get my own copy of red dead.

I'm glad I did not have to go through the same ordeal as you today. I try to avoid argos for games anyways :P and asda, comet, currys and blockbuster are either rare, or dont exist in Ireland :P I have no choice but to shop in shitty game or shittier gamestop :( If you do get it in the end, send yr PSN name my way, I only know one other person getting it on ps3 and I want to start a posse :P "The Lone Rangers" is what me and my other ps3 friend decided on, since everyone we know bar us only has 360.

Redempteur3071d ago

suddenly it's r* fault that you didn't pre order (if you really wanted the game ) and that the game is selling so well there are shortages ???

way to go ...another people here with shining logic

lordkemp0073071d ago

'Massive' ps3 Red Dead shortage hits UK -- Article above

I bet you feel like a right dumb $h!t now.

I have my reasons for not pre ordering said title.

another people here with shining logic. ???

If you are going to be a presuming smart alec, at least get your grammar correct.

mikeh09183071d ago

Just earlier tonight I was wondering if there might be a delorean easter egg. Maybe a cave with a license plate in it. sooo weird this was a post.

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