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It's a rare occurrence to be blessed with several real Mario games over the course of a console generation, but Nintendo has certainly blessed the Wii with an abundance of high-quality Mario titles. Back in 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was heavily praised as one of the best Mario games ever made for unique and deep level design, beautifully conducted orchestrated music, and revitalizing the Mario formula with spherical worlds. In late 2009, Wii owners received another Mario title, but this time it went back to the roots of the series and entered the 2D side-scrolling realm. New Super Mario Bros. Wii continues to sell well throughout the world and for good reason; the game is old-school fun. The NES saw a few Mario titles release on it, but never have there been two 3D Mario game releases in a single generation and that's exactly what Nintendo did this time.

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VegaShinra3074d ago

Mario is Mario and this game is another Day 1 title for 2010.