Crysis In The Works For PS3? The Answer Could Be Yes.

Could Crytek be following in the footsteps of Epic? There has been a job post on Crytek's official site looking for a PS3 developer for a few months now, however when asked about it Crytek declined to comment.

The job opening itself may be all the fuel Playstation 3 fans need, however would like to add some more.

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Blankman4207d ago

If they ported it, it probably wouldnt work as well but if they developed a new engine for the ps3 and developed a game on par with crysis i would definetly get it. crysis looks so good but i have already spent like 2 grand on games this yr. Don't plan to spend anymore upgrading my computer jst to play 1 game even if the game looks like the best fps ever made. Bring it to ps3 or xbox and you will be mine

Nostradavis4207d ago

I realize the posting on the board is old however, they refused to comment when asked about it...and that is FAR from a no. The article is about the recent events with Gears of War creators Epic and their deal with Sony. If sony can attract Epic and Unreal Tournament, who is to say they could not attract Crytek?

As far as specs, I spoke directly with two members of Crytek at E3 and they said that they are still in the process of even FURTHER refining their requirements for the game. Meaning they are trying to make the game even MORE spec friendly.

The game will run on Direct X 9...

MrSwede4207d ago

You´re absolutely right Nostradavis, unwilling to comment usually means there´s something to it. Good job man!

Kleptic4207d ago

what does the game running on DX9 have to do with anything? The PS3 and 360 can both do things that DX9 OS and hardware can't as long as the engine is optimized properly...that is straight from Epic when commenting about UT3 for the PS3...They said you can't even refer to the consoles as "DirectX" anything...they have their own set of tools and protocols to follow...but in terms of graphics and physics and sound, they are not limited to only what DX9 is capable of...

I am not calling you out I am just asking... Even if they port the DX9 supporting code to the PS3 it will look and run like garbage most likely...They would need/want Sony's help to fully optimize the engine for the PS3's architecture...Something that Crytek said they would be looking into after Crysis releases...there was also mention of a 360 engine too...

Good point on Sony allowing user mods though...that looks better to Crytek than the PS3's install base, just in case they have to do this one on their own...

Nostradavis4206d ago


I mentioned DX9 because the EA/Crytek rep's that I spoke to at E3 volunteered the information about the minimum specs being refined even further. We had it on our list of questions to ask but we didn't even have to. He mentioned that it will run on DX9 but they were still trying to find ways to "work on the specs some more".

The Playstation 3 is a monster spec wise and with the current offer they have on the table, I can not see how the console does not instantly make itself more attractive to PC game developers.

Mods and Map making are important to a franchises life span and fan base. They all help to build a cult like following that lasts much longer than a game without those things.

Many believe (and you can argue this if you like) that PC gaming in this country is dying. If you believe that then why wouldn't a developer like Crytek jump on the opportunity to get everything they would have access to in terms of mods etc on a PC on a console like the PS3?

Of course they are not going to comment, and we make no bones about this piece being pure fact we start off by saying "that we are about to add more fuel to the fire".

Kleptic4206d ago

cool man...yeah the way it was originally posted I was getting the impression that Crytek was saying something along the lines of "well the game will run on DX9, so with some tweaking we can even get it to run on a PS3"...Implying that the consoles couldn't keep up with DX9 even...thats all...

I totally agree with you though...PC gaming is definitely not what it used to be imo...which was kind of inevitable because of how high the costs of development are getting...and the fact that PC gamers usually wait to buy the game until they can either get a new rig, or upgrade their current one...everytime a ridiculous new game comes out every few years...Crytek will have a great selling PC game this fall...but you think it will touch Halo 3?...the sales H3 will get will make it hard to believe that both are even video games...

I have always enjoyed how the consoles stick to a 5 year life span about...and the games don't have system requirements...i used to love Pc gaming too...but simply didn't have the time or the money to keep up with it...Doom 3 was the last game I upgraded a system for...and was left with a good looking terrible game...been out ever since (except for Half life 2, which was great...but didn't need to upgrade it)...that same system limped on FEAR so bad I didn't even play it...

I am happy that at least one of the console makers is doing an excellent job of bringing in what made PC gaming so much fun...not trying to start a debate on anything...but I will not pay for online gaming until every form of online gaming charges...XBL charges...PSN doesn't...and now MS in a stroke of brilliance is starting to do that Windows Live stuff...if that starts being forced on the PC market, PC gaming will die sooner than ms think...if the PSN starts charging, then i will weigh my options equally (the friggin' Wii doesn't count for any of this)...and PSN is allowing user content, that doesn't even have to be from the PSstore...No other console has ever come that close to PC gaming, and why its so much fun...

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Odion4207d ago

the direct X 9 version pales in comparison, and.... *cough Games for Windows *cough*

Nostradavis4207d ago


I spoke to reps for Crytek directly and it is my understanding that the minimum specs are not set in stone at this current time. Take it for what it is worth but I think there is some good information in this story and because it mentions a job post everyone is immediately reporting it.

Odion4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

What good information what you have is this

1. A job listing that was there last YEAR
2. a company that hasn't fully optimized their game so they don't want to release system spec yet. (happens with all PC games)Also do you want know why their trying to bring the requirements down? Because at E3 they were like ya a

Quad Core CPU running at 2.5 ghz
A 512 to 724mb Graphic card
2 to 4 gigs of ram

like honestly of course they need to bring the requirments down, that CPU cost more then 2 PS3s.
3. Someone saying, well since UT3 starting on PC/PS3 and PS3 doesn't cause us problems with modding, and the 360 version isn't done yet we're going to release on your system first, and we're going to help you so our engine doesn't blow on your console.

Thats literally all you have.

like by your logic since Capcom is bringing all their games to the 360 when last time they didn't bring any, Square must be bringing FFXIII to the 360 their two Japaneses devs so they must do the same thing.

hazeblaze4206d ago

Well, the difference here is that it's not speculation on whether or not they will bring a game to the PS3 or not. We know they're making something for it. There's just speculation on what it is. Personally, I don't think it's Crysis. And as much as I'd like to see it run as well on the PS3 as it does on PC, I don't think it would.

Nostradavis4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )


like sorry if you like didn't like find the piece like good'n'stuff.

Lord Anubis4207d ago

although most of the article has no foundation in fact and is mostly opinion they kind of have a point. Open GL 3.o will be out soon and although it wont be compatible with the previous version PC developers will look into the PS3's OpenGL ES and PC OpenGL.

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