2Old2Play Review: Red Dead Douchebags: Rockstar's Latest

2Old2Play writes: "This Dixhead guy ran out and bought Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, and horked up a down and dirty review for your amusement. Give it a gander.

Grand Theft Horse.

There we go. Shortest review ever. It's pretty accurate, too."

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piramides303257d ago

Yes, I think GTAIV has overhype and RDR too.

lordkemp0073257d ago

Well what a mother fu(k!NG crock of horsesh!t.

Argos - Sorry sir we have not got any delivery of ps3 copies of said game or in any of our nearest branches.

Comet - Sorry sir we didn't get that game.

Currys - Likewise.

Asda - We are not selling this title in our stores.

My local blockbuster -- Sorry we have no copies of said game at this branch.

What a major kick in the balls. Not only do we get the game 3 days later than USA, we also get a $h!t substandard non HD version and to add insult to injury I can't even buy the god damned game.

Screw Rockstar my patience has run out and my money is going to be BETTER spent in the pub tonight.

lordkemp0073257d ago

My apologies for the above rant. As you can somewhat gather i am mildly disappointed to say the least.

lordkemp0073257d ago

Phew balance has been restored. I have snagged the 2nd last ps3 copy at my local Morrisons superstore for 39.99 a fiver more cash than Asda or Argos but what the hell.

xg-ei8ht3257d ago

Wow you must want it bad.

That review is honest and insightful.

Everything i hated about GTA4 is still present.

A masterpiece is supposed to be polished, this game however quite clearly is not.

How can you give it high scores when the control system itself is flawed, online is messed up as usual.

For PS3 you get another kick in the teeth, subhd and worse graphics.

Sorry but the characters look crap, just like they did in GTA4, nothing's changed.

Not quite sure why i hate rockstar games so much, but there seems to be big problems with the games and they still get a free pass.

I'll snag this game @ £9.99.