Video Comparison: Killzone 2 Vs Call Of Duty 4

Video Comparison: Killzone 2 Vs Call Of Duty 4. Check the Link

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Asuka5428d ago

both look pretty good. I think Killzone 2 looks slightly better imo, simply because it has more going on and the character models look better.

But damn CoD4 is looking hot!!! Especially for a multiplatform title, its just amazing!!

Lord Anubis5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

agree, the forest section where the tree shadows are hitting the character- the graphics look better on COD4. We would need to wait for more footage of Killzone 2 to be released but over all I still give it to Killzone 2.

PS360PCROCKS5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

I know that forest section I thought was amazing as hell it's why I included it...

edit::@flox I agree but their isn't that much video out their of the two and I kind of picked and choosed what sections I thought looked the's all for fun anyways...

clownfacemcgee5428d ago

KZ2 has 20x more going on, it makes CoD4 look boring. I'm sure CoD4 will have it's action scenes too though, and KZ2 will have it's boring points. If it was all jam-packed, that would be fun, but I'd die 20x a level. =) CoD4 only had some scenes of grass and a small scene of some shooting on a ship from a farther distance than KZ2. They weren't close enough to compare. We need some very similar scenes, then we can see a fair fight. I think CoD4's still holding in against KZ2.

TECHNOshamanism5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

for the guy who liked the music if you liked that then youll love this

Blackmoses5428d ago

Well I love both but at the sametime I beleive there are two entirely different art styles going on here.
Killzone 2 definitely has more things going on, on the screen.

Dareaver15427d ago

Call of Duty 4 is running at a constant 60fps, that's why the animations look more lifelike. Plus KZ2 still has to work on their textures and bump/normal mapping. They both look amazing but, i'm going to give the edge to CoD4. The shadows were awesome in the sequence when he waited for his partner to move position, that was hot! And a lot was going on in CoD4 during the helicopter crashing sequence (i.e. the smoke plumes and fire). KZ2 has some big time competition, but it does look more gorier, which to me is more my taste. Kinda why i liked Gears so much. Not afraid to get bloody.

We'll just have to wait and see how the final product turns out.

sargas35427d ago

Great now I have to buy both. atleast they have some time between them so I can play one at a time and not have to switch back and forth for awhile.

nasim5427d ago

easy victory for KZ 2.

cod 4 is another generic multiplat FPS

JsonHenry5427d ago

Kind of hard to compare the two. CoD4 is meant to look as realistic as possible while KZ2 is stylized. Also, that footage was the Xbox 360 version as well, so even harder to compare the two.

If I went by textures and and lighting effects alone, CoD4 takes the cake hands down. But I like the stylized art direction of KZ2 better. Kinda gives it a future/punk feel to it, you know?

artman5427d ago

COD4 looks better in texture, but the blood of KZ2 looks crazy too... I guess if they meant that KZ2 is still alpha, then it should be better on the final. but this time I choose COD4.
But KZ2 is already give me a very good impression, but I don't like the face of the character, they should kept the character on the first trailer.

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PS360PCROCKS5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

:) You guys asked for it so here it is...I got bored again...:) but you know you love me...

edit:: that's exactly what I said...I didn't notice that and I turned around and totally restarted the video. lol

edit:: @ryth lol yeah I do but I had so much fun learning how to do the first one the second just came naturally and I gotta try some new things like at the end with the shorter clips, than cutting the music and trying to make it end dramatically..the ending of that KZ clip was perfect

DJ5428d ago

Dude, the part where you teammate busts out of the grass in camo gear (COD4) was totally unexpected; I didn't even notice he was there at first. Killzone wins thanks to the sheer amount of things going on at once, as well as lighting, but Call of Duty is looking to be a really good title too.

Rythrine5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )


You have too much time in your hands today, huh lolz. Great vid and song though


I agree with you in regards to the amount of stuff going on. For lighting, I need to see more footage. Perhaps a scene in daylight or something like that. Right now we only have that footage for KZ2 that takes place at night (although I like it already) while COD4 has day scenes.

ASSASSYN 36o5428d ago

+Bubble shot to you xbox360rocks. Good post.

sjappie5428d ago

Why didn't you use the "charlie don't surf" gameplay trailer, with the blackhawks. That has way more going on onscreen than Killzone.

InMyOpinion5427d ago

I was only joking, but thanks for listening and putting it up. COD 4 kills.

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Rythrine5428d ago

Sorry, didn't see your post. I said the same thing to DJ.

Loudninja5428d ago

righhhhht?COD4 looks very very good, so does killzone 2.

TheWiseguy5428d ago

Killzone 2 isnt near completion, COD4 comes out in a matter of months....even with that in mind KZ2 still looks amazing

blackmagic5428d ago

Well, to be fair then, KZ2 has been in development since before E3 2005 whereas CoD4 only started development in 2006...