New GTA4 Multiplayer info from German magazine

The August magazine of Games Aktuell has some awesome new info reguarding GTA4 and some of its multiplayer components.

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THC CELL5427d ago


K9, That is great i always wondered why there was no dogs in the last Gta. i wonder if u can have ur own?

MrSwede5427d ago

Why not split screen? When will they ever learn... This will be an awesome game no doubt but 2 player offline coop on split screen would make it twice as good! Online multiplayer is cool but if you´ve got friends who don´t own 360/PS3 it´s really no use... not to me anyways

jay25427d ago

Awsome. Now time to work out if I stay loyal to PS3 (i've owned all consoles and hand-helds since '94 and only got GTA on Sony products).
Or go for the rumbling, extra content 360 one, or both..........:S ah I need to see the game in action and hear how much difference there is not see crappy trailer pics, come on Take2, you showed it to the Media and they didn't get to take pics. Come on guys I need to really consider my options on which one to get.

mrk015427d ago

I was always wondering why aren't there any kids in the GTA series.
that would be weird, dog are in the game but not children.
-Kids would make it more beliveable in the malls, museums, central park, the beach.
-There's a huge Toys'r Us in Time Square, what are they going to do, fill it with adults only?

DirtyRat5427d ago

There are no kids m8, because then you get the possibility of people murdering them which would push the age rating from Mature to AO most likely...I agree though they should feature all ages to make it more believable, and perhaps they could impliment a system similar to Scarface which didn't allow you to shoot "civilians".

Hardgamer5427d ago

can you post the info here? i cant see the page, apears "error"...

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