IGN: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Not since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System has Nintendo been so committed to the Super Mario franchise on its current generation console: 2007 was the year that Nintendo revamped the 3D Mario design with Super Mario Galaxy, and just six months ago the company rebooted the 2D design with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Just a short wait later, Nintendo's returned to its first Wii Mario game to give it a second go: there is so much creativity, variety and challenge poured into this sequel. 2007 Super Mario Galaxy was brilliant, but 2010's Super Mario Galaxy 2 is absolutely amazing.

Strange_Evil4761d ago

Wow a 10!!! Great looking forward to it.

Danteh4761d ago

holy sh!t Mario keeps raping everyone!

I only use my Wii for Mario Galaxy and Zelda Wii, but I guess it's worth it ;)

Danteh4761d ago

to all the people below, you just don't get it

If you are a new gamer (this gen) you may whine about this getting a 10, but if you aren't, you'll know that no one messes with Mario

So yeah even though I much favor the PS3, this and Zelda Wii will probably be the best games this gen ^^

ryuzu4761d ago

I do have a Wii and while SMG1 was great and I'm sure this is also great a perfect 10 across the board from IGN gives us a valuable insight into their reviewing system.

Let's take 1 point - Graphics = 10. Now the Wii is basically last gen hardware so by definition, it cannot compete graphically with current gen consoles.

However, IGN have given SMG2 a 10. This means that IGN must review games in the context of their platform. SMG2 is not competing with PS3/360 release, but only against other Wii releases.

Expanding that thought, it means that 360 and PS3 games are reviewed against games on their own platform and so it follows that review scores for IGN have no cross-platform relevance.

So, before everyone flips on SMG2's excellence, remember this is a Wii game, and great as it is, it cannot be compared to other platforms. To put it another way, if this were released on 360/PS3 (ignoring the obvious IP issues for the moment), then it would not be a 10 game...


Seferoth754761d ago

@ryuzu, that is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. You lack any knowledge of gaming history.

badz1494761d ago

bwahahaha...there's a thin line between totally blind and a fanboy! maybe that's why fanboys are always blind! Mario might plays better but looks better? come on, 480p vs pixar quality 720p 60fps nuff said!

Lizam4761d ago


Since when does a games graphics only be determined by resolution and hardware capabilities? Ever heard of artistic design? Please, tell me that SMG2's art design isn't f'ing beautiful.

callahan094761d ago


"it looks better than ratchet and clank for PS3 anyway."

No it doesn't. Come on, now.


A Crack in Time is gorgeous. Mario Galaxy 2 looks great for a Wii game, but it definitely can't stand up to Ratchet & Clank on PS3.

callahan094761d ago

REALLY? A disagree? That's just pathetic. It's FACTUAL that Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time has better visuals than Mario Galaxy 2. Give us a break here. I posted screens to support my point, you can't look at those screens and not see the difference in visual quality and detail.

nycredude4761d ago


You can't argue with kids man. They all think they are the only one right. Obviously this kid hasn't played Rachet on the Ps3. Such a retarded statement imo. Mario was great back in the day when I was freaking 12 but seriously is stale. IGN have already lost all credibility adn continue to lose more. 10 for graphics! Yeah ok.

shadow27974761d ago

I can't say this is a GOTY, or whether or not it deserves a 10 in any category. But after watching that video review, if I had a Wii, this is the first game I would buy. That speaks volumes, imo.

Anon19744761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

I can't believe some people are coming on here and complaining Mario received a 10 for graphics just because it's on the Wii. What the hell is wrong with you people? When reviewers reviews games, they don't say "Ok folks! Crisis is a 10 and everything shall be judged based on that."

If I read a review for a game on the Wii, I want to know how it compares to other Wii games, or how it fits in with it's particular genre. Do you reviewers look at DS games and think that every single DS game should get a 2 for graphics because it's not as pretty as Ratchet and Clank?

Give your head a shake. There's two games that make me regret selling my Wii. This game and Super Mario Brothers.

Homicide4761d ago

For those questioning a 10 for graphics, can you name me another game that looks better than Super Mario Galaxy 2?

It's hilarious how many of you are downplaying this game. Just face it, it's an incredible game just like the first one.

ChickeyCantor4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )


People disagree, because they are talking about ART-STYLE.
Sure the Ps3 is able to produce better shaders, but i have to say the art-style of galaxy/2( from characters(like NPC behavior/animations) to worlds) is much better looking than that game you mentioned( and yes i have played R&C on the PS3).
Its the art-style, not so much the output and render capabilities.


Buy the game and emulate the game in you PC, with Dolphin Program.

Millah4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Wow, people have even resorted to hating on Mario now? You know its bad when people start hating on Mario games.

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Sam Fisher4761d ago ShowReplies(8)
deadreckoning6664761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

With all do respect but...r u people high? Killerapp, ur telling me that all u need is ONE persons opinion to determine that a game you haven't played yet is a GOTY contender? Im not attacking you, I just feel that u should start judging games AFTER u play em....not before. @below- Im sorry if I seem upset, quite franky im chuckling as I write this because I'm trying to understand why there are people out there who treat IGN as the word of God. I read this out of curiousity and I honestly have no interest in SMG2, just like I had no interest in SMG1. In fact, the only way I would consider buying a Wii, is if Shenmue 3 came out on it exclusively.

exnihilonihilfit4761d ago

There really wasn't much doubt that this game would be a GOTY contender before the IGN review. This is Nintendo's most important franchise, and they treat it well. Most people never get tired of Mario, I certainly don't, and Nintendo always introduce new elements to the platforming genre with every iteration. I just don't see why you seem so upset about it, the current gen "console war" has always been an HD system war, and Wii has always been the outlier, so members of the Sony and MS camps don't need to be getting up in arms about it.

Army_of_Darkness4761d ago

Out of all the great ps3/ 360 games that came out so far, smg2 on the wii managed to get a perfect score from ign?!?! Whaaaaat?!?!

waltercross4761d ago

Yeah go figure

I Like mario to but I don't get the frenzy.
Often times people love the name and from that alone they go into a frenzy.

Mario hasn't changed much and yet is one of the oldest franchises
and there games still get 10's, as I stated I Love the series but Mario is WAY over rated, more so then any other series.
At least with Zelda they try to change things to keep it fresh.

ah well, Good score either way, congrats Nintendo for another Mario game.

The 10th Rider4761d ago

Your saying Mario is overrated more than CALL OF DUTY, or HALO?

El_Colombiano4761d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 got a 10/10 from IGN. It's all about Nintendo and Playstation this generation...and every other one prior.

snakebite364761d ago

If this game can get a 10, then The Last Guardian better get a 10.

WMW4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

wii games aren't reviewed at the same standard as ps3 and 360 games the same way hand held games aren't. we know the wii isn't at the same level so it doesn't get points taken away for things that are unacceptable on other consoles like the bad graphics, lack of replay value, lack of story, no voice acting and very little originality.

Mini Mario4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

See what you have been missing out on. Thinking your playing better games based on the hardware of a console you think is superior because of the hardware.

See where u went wrong. Also try tatsunoko vs capcom.


"wii games aren't reviewed at the same standard as ps3 and 360 games the same way hand held games aren't"

Seriously the excuses coming out of you guys is UN-BELIEVABLE. Not the same standard! lol omg.

So with your "logic" ps3/360 games should lose about 3-4 points for not having graphics on par with a pc. <<<< That's your logic..not mine!

A bit Silly >>> ?


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Sam Fisher4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

i was joking, idc about mario games. i just wanted to say funny things like eating shrooms and getting away with it lol

ok then screw you guys, i wasnt joking mario needs to get hit by a pipe at the back of the head and die laying there. sonic was better anyways.. >:P

qface644761d ago

is that why the sonic games and sonic himself have been in the gutter?

the best selling thing that sega did with sonic only sold great because it had mario in it
that olympic games crap

Nike4761d ago

Sonic actually started selling pretty well since he went multi-platform (though I don't think Secret Rings, Black Knight and Unleashed did great). Even that stupid game Shadow the Hedgehog sold good.

The flipside? Almost every Sonic game after the Dreamcast era (Sonic Adventure 1 was good, 2 was average) has been terrible. Hoping Sonic 4 corrects that.

eagle214761d ago

Sam Fisher should be deleted. Very immature posts with no substance or merit. Could you cry any louder bro? We can't hear you. :)

thedisagreefairy4758d ago

first post on this topic gave me a chuckle.

what he failed to realize about those games was that it was never REALLY about mario rescuing peach or link getting to zelda. it was the adventure getting there with creative level design that always challenged players. that is why mario and zelda games continue to get great scores.

vhero4761d ago

If reviewers reviewed all PS3 and 360 games with the same open mind they do on SMG2 they would give a lot of 10's out to be fair.. They are really harsh with most games yet it seems if you stick Halo/Mario/GTA on the box the reviewers instantly give it a completely different type of review than every other game.. I mean honestly graphics 10?? What do they compare it to?? They didn't even give Uncharted graphics a 10 talk about biased... You can't give a cartoon game graphics 10/10 it's just stupid. I am not saying gameplay don't deserve a 10 but COME ON! Sick of these fake reviews.

Rainstorm814761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

i agree completely, graphics a 10 is a joke, and this is why gaming media is a joke as well. Mario may be one of the most fun games ever but to say the graphics is on par with MW2 (10) or U2 is disrespectful to the graphically superior HD consoles.

As you said Mario/Zelda/GTA/Halo come get your free passes!

+bubbles v hero because the mario fan are going to ravage them.

Edit: whats even funnier....alot of people in here prasing mario were just downing RDR(PS3) for sub-HD graphics.

Hypocrisy within the gaming community & journalism runs uncontrollably rampant.

DigitalAnalog4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Why not judge the graphics that is soley based on each individual system it's on and how consistent it is throughout the game rather than generalize it as a whole in gaming graphics amongst consoles. In retrospect, every game should be getting a 2 - 5 in graphics because they all fall short on Crysis by your logic.

-End statement

CDbiggen4761d ago

Im pretty sure that he is just giving the 10 becuase of the fact it is the best looking game on the Wii ;) You guys get in such a fuss over these things.

"but to say the graphics are on par with MW2 (10) or U2 is disrespectful to the graphically superior HD consoles."
Did he say that?

PS360_374761d ago

How does Mario get a free pass?

The last Mario Galaxy won GOTY and you are questioning the good reviews of the game. So if the reviews are saying that SMG2 is even better than the first and you haven't even played it, who are you to say that they are giving it a free pass for giving it a 10?

I will say that UC2 definitely deserved a 10 in graphics, but by your logic every game on any hand-held system that isn't up to par with PS3 games do not deserve good graphics reviews because by default they CANT be as good as PS3 graphics. That doesn't make sense.

You HAVE to review a game relative to the machine its on, other wise no game besides the best PS3 games will get good graphics reviews.

I also like how you cleverly insert your fanboy bias by saying that every Halo/Mario/GTA game gets a free pass, and conveniently leave out any PS3 game that might be given a "free pass."

nveenio4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

The truth is that games are reviewed in comparison to what else is available on the platform.

EDIT: @DigitalAnalog Seriously...go play Crysis again. Play it on max settings, but without any tweaks to the game engine. In other words, play it right out of the box. I think you'll be disappointed...I know I am. Especially when I see what a few lighting tweaks could have done to make it better. Crysis runs on the most realistic engine out there, but it is not the best looking game.

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Rainstorm814761d ago

"Lasting Appeal
If you just want to get to Bowser you'll be done in a few hours. But if you want to strut your gaming skills you'll be playing this one for weeks.

A testament to the amazing game engine from 2007: it still looks fantastic and beautiful."

Is it me or if these things held true for any game on PS3 or X360 that game would struggle to get an 8/10.

vhero4761d ago

@Raiinstorm81 thanks but I have nothing against the gameplay It may deserve a 10 I dunno I have to play myself but the graphics issue is what gets me sure it might beat other wii titles but we should be comparing it to other games this gen and hell it doesn't even touch some of the worst looking 360/PS3 games. Mario is fun and that's what games are about not graphics I have always said this but the problem with reviews is they review graphics.. They then change the reviews to suit the game which is wrong and biased. This is why we also never saw a FFXIII 360 review.

Meryl4761d ago

yeah but it's basically smg1.5, it's the same game with a couple of new additions that's it, if a ps game does this it gets blasted for not being "original", it should have scored a 9 not a ten other than that good review:):)
SMG2 here I come!!

PS360_374761d ago

your fanboy logic is so flawed

Montrealien4761d ago

I played through the begining of this game and it is what a videogame should be, fun and enjoyable by everyone. Simple to pick up yet hard to master, in the later stages. And is just flat out fun.

GJ Nintendo, you guys have always stayed on your game plan, making great videogames and it has always paid off. Don`t let the frustrated teens on the internet put you down, they are still in their rebelious stage in life and have so much to learn still.

HolyOrangeCows4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Who cares? Mario games are (Usually) fun but reviewers always give them a ridiculously high score whether they deserve them or not.

poopface14761d ago

when any games taht are not on ps3 come out??? Wonder why that is? Maybe they should get a wii so they have some good games to play.

Qbanj694761d ago

"...and it looks better than ratchet and clank for PS3 anyway."


skare134761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

****************************** ***

Come on people, stop your crying. Do people (who don't own a PS3/360) come crying about what some games get. I know I don't care about how high GOW (or ratchet and clank) gets. IThey maybe great games, but I don't have a playstation. (So I don't worry about it)

This is/ will be a very good game (a great game)

look at all the high reviews its getting (not just IGN) and their very high reviews. (go to the wii section)

***************************** ******

I got a idea for all the haters

you don't like the review, don't go to IGN

problem is, another web site gave it a really high review, I guess you can't go there anymore

Well when you run out of web sites, maybe then you will know this is/was a great game that can win GOTY in you miss out (maybe it isn't too late, stop crying on your keyboard and rush out in buy a wii)
----------------------------- -------

Old Greg4761d ago

Its Mario. On a nintendo console. This is like a license to print perfect score reviews and money. :)

Imperator4761d ago

Day one buy for me. I love Mario games.

booni34761d ago

And it will sell tons similar to NSMBW

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KILLERAPP4761d ago

This game is awesome, GOTY contender...

ape0074761d ago

smg 2 will be automatically GOTY contender if not GOTY

great great great review ign

mario FTW

Montrealien4761d ago

the true colors of N4G, 30 or so babies who just like to go against the grain because they think its cool.

Good thing they are such a small minority though, I mean outside of N4G, they are nothing but 30 or so trolls that are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to gamers. They are troll right?

PS360_374761d ago

If this article was talking about ANY PS3 game, good or bad (oh sorry i forgot, the PS3 never has bad games), Killerapp would have all agrees.

cobraagent4761d ago

Who is going to vote for it? The casual gamers who buy it? The don't even know what GOTY is

Cheeseknight284761d ago

No, the true gamers who buy it because it's a refreshing change from this generation of shooters.

I pre-ordered my copy a month ago and am most certainly glad I did. I thought that 2010's previous months couldn't be topped, but 3D Dot, RDR, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 did it.

Mista T4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Marios hasn't changed in 15 years, there's your refreshing change....

Montrealien4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

and you do cobraagent?

Get off you high horse kid, labels are bad. This is a solid videogame, sometimes you guys should remember what a good videogame actually is, glad nintendo is there to remind us every now and then.

Meryl4761d ago

lol good luck with that one either GT5 or GOW III or even LBP2 may rape SMG2 chances

Imperator4761d ago

I'm a PS3 fan but even I realize the power the Mario has. You can bet that SMG2 will take a good share of awards this year, just like SMG.

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Slinkey4761d ago

Never saw this coming at all...

Millah4761d ago

I thought this would get a score lower than the first one, like a 9.5 or something. This is great, I already had a feeling SMG2 would be much better than the first, can't wait to get it.

Brian52474761d ago

RDR and Galaxy 2 are my pickups this week