Call of Duty 4 Public Beta Coming to 360 in August

Announced back during Microsoft's pre-E3 conference last week, Infinity Ward has confirmed that a public beta for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will kick off on Xbox 360 this August.

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Havince5429d ago

i registered on that cod4 site, tho being a public beta that means everyone will get it anyway..........right

Bloodmask5429d ago

XBOX Live really is going strong this generation. Always a lot of new content.

COD4 looked like one of the best FPS at E3 this year.

daveman35429d ago

it disapoints me that psn never seems to get any good demos of 3rd party games or open betas like this, oh well maybe in the future. enjoy 360 owners

ASSASSYN 36o5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

What do you expect with 950,000 total gamers playing on-line on ps3 in North America.<-As stated at E3 07. Compared to 7 million Xbox-live players in North America.

rain19715428d ago

Think of it this way. Let the xbox`ers work out all the kinks, and deal with the server or game crashes, the balancing, or map bugs. So, when it comes out for ps3, it will be nice and ready. Cheers, my little 360 `guinea pigs`, now go on, off you go, get to work...

SuperSaiyan45429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

Its not 7million in North America on Xbox Live that figure is WORLD WIDE.

And the same goes for PSN its world wide figures not just North America - don't forget there are other countries other than just the USA out there...

TheMART5429d ago

Also not completely right.

It's 7 million paying Gold members world wide.

There are millions more that use Silver and download video's and demo's. Only thing is they won't be able to play the multiplayer demo's like this COD4 one, but still... I think almost everyone will connect the 360 to the internet although they only have Silver.

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