Nürburgring at Night Confirmed for Gran Turismo 5

Confirmation the infamous Green Hell will be available to play at night in GT5.

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Cevapi883260d ago

dynamic weather and day/night cycles plus this=AMAZING

SpitFireAce853260d ago

Can't wait to play this beast of a game.Give us
a release date PD.Hopefully this E3 we should know

ShinMaster3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

I'm not sure that they confirmed dynamic day/night changes yet.

BUT! then again, this isn't an open world game like Midnight Club or something. So it isn't really that important.
I don't think anyone is really gonna spend long enough time in each race to see these changes happening (except if you're driving for 24h in the Nürburgring).

As long as there we have the option to choose what time of day we wish to race in, I'm happy.

Sam Fisher3260d ago

it actually goes with your ps3 gmt time, think bout it u play career mode in mourning and while your playing in the mourning, the game shows the sun rising and i think its possible. then u play in the afternoon, see the sun go down. i mean they would ask in the beginning of the game if want to do it or just select what time of the day you want and etc, as their motto says "it only does everything".

Finalfantasykid3260d ago

I never thought of that before. Great idea!

thor3260d ago

Only trouble with that is that people mostly play in the evenings. You would very rarely see a sunrise because you don't want to get up at 6am to play GT. It sounds cool in theory but in practice it would almost always be dark.

DelbertGrady3260d ago

Shenmue for the Dreamcast had something like that. It even followed weather cycles I believe. If it was Christmas eve in the calendar it was Christmas eve in Shenmue. Other special occasions were also depicted in the game. It's a shame not more developers utilize stuff like that.

ShinMaster3259d ago

GT is not an open world game.

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spiky12283260d ago ShowReplies(8)
Tunerboy87323260d ago

This will be complete hell to them nurburgring is already a huge challenge in the day but at night?Show no mercy....

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The story is too old to be commented.