Pac Man HD Video Review (iPad) (DualShockers)

Here we take a look at everyone’s favorite yellow pellet eating hero as he transitions to the iPad in full HD. Welcome all to the age of Pac Man HD on your iPad! What can you expect, what is different and is this a purchasable version? All will be answered soon, let’s go to the video, shall we.

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Hitman07693255d ago

One of the classics, pretty hot title and it still looks good! Wish they would of done more NEW things though. I know a indie developer who has a PAC-man game in the works that will destroy this if it ever sees the light of the App Store, trust me!

dardinkay3255d ago

Great review (You are probably the reviewer, if not well...good submission anyways).

Chadness3255d ago

Probably easier to play a PacMan game on the iPad than the one on the iPhone that I tried. Nice review!

Nicaragua3254d ago

Nice review and all but I just cant get excited over pac-man on the ipad.

To be honest i just dont buy into the whole apple getting into games thing. Great gadgets, but as a games console they make my shit itch.