BioShock Hands-on Preview

The murmurings of Irrational's BioShock being the Game of E3 2007 could be overheard in most conversations taking place immediately after 2K's demo. In fact, many members of the press looked at this beautiful FPS last year as a contender for best in show, but the game just wasn't far enough along, not to mention unplayable on the show floor

Things are a bit different this year...

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Arkham4207d ago

I can't wait for this game. Anything even remotely related to, resembling, or rhyming with System Shock/II will rock.

Eclipticus4207d ago

personally i cant wait for this game, already got it reserved.
on that not, this is like the 4th hands on i seen since e3. Release the damn gamn already.


The most original & graphically stunning FPS to date ! Cant with for next month !!!