Lost Planet 2 - Spawn Kill Review

"As far as I can tell, there isn’t a cooperative experience similar to Lost Planet 2 anywhere out in the game market today. The action is tremendous, the foes numerous and oftentimes humongous, and the entire package is wrapped up in a world and visual aesthetic all its own. One of the pervading elements of Lost Planet 2 is scale, and while it can sometimes be harrowing, the feel of the gameplay is that of something that is just barely inside the realm of possibility"

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tigresa3164d ago

Seems worth getting into with a group since the story isn't too important. Kind of reminds me of a Borderlands-type experience but without the RPG elements, of course. And those omega-nubular-9000-sized enemies, which seems hella sweet.

Snarkasaur3164d ago

I don't think it's quite the Monster Hunter of the west they're going for, but it seems like it'll still get some play.