Pocket Gamer: Blur (Mobile) Review

Pocket Gamer:

Never has a game been more unjustly named. While Blur on console delivers the kind of fast-paced play that puts your retinas on edge, the only chance Glu's mobile tie-in has of giving you motion sickness is if you ran around in concentric circles while playing it.

It's no exaggeration to suggest that Blur simply staggers along at times, any sense of speed well and truly lost by the game's inability to run at a fast, or even steady, pace.

Design wise, the developer has surely bitten off more than the game's engine can chew.

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NastyLeftHook3074d ago

this game is underrated, it actually deserves a 8 imo no 6. but i respect the review nontheless, i can see why you gave it a 6. but a little harsh eh?