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Ziriux3071d ago

Oh man, I want this Sonic game to come out and revive the franchise.

Army_of_Darkness3071d ago

It just makes me feel ripped off... I'll wait until they bundle everything together at a cheaper price, since this is a game that I can go without for a while.

mcgrawgamer3071d ago

I strongly suggest you check out the sega blog and or check out some of the interviews about the game. Sega has already went on record to say the game is a full fledge release. They are calling them episodes simply because the story ties together similar to the way the story linked sonic 1, 2, and sonic and Knuckles on the Genesis.

darthv723071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I dont know which one to get. Wii, ps3 or 360. I would love to see a full side by side by side. Sega will most likely try their best to level the playing field so it should come down to which controller feels more natural to use.

Fel083071d ago

I got a Wii and a PS3, but I think I might get for my PS3, since its in my room. And if they release it for iPod Touch/iPhone, I'm definitely getting it for my iPod Touch too.

GamingForever3071d ago

It should help that the game was delayed until late 2010

mjolliffe3071d ago

The delay better help the game!

GUCommander3071d ago

Oh man. Retro goodness! I can't wait. Trailer looks amazing.

Valay3071d ago

I'll never forget that leaked mine cart level.

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The story is too old to be commented.