Andy Serkis launches mo-cap studio for games and movies

TVGB: "Andy Serkis is launching the UK’s first studio specialising in the motion capture for film and games."

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Heaven_Or_Hell3255d ago

I think he loved acting for Heavenly Sword :p

wohoo3255d ago

Experiencing the cinematics again played a considerable part in playing through it the second time for me. They were an absolute joy to watch.

BlackIceJoe3254d ago

That is pretty cool. I wish his new studio the best of luck. I hope all works out for Andy. He has done some incredible work with Mo-Cap & I can't wait to see what he can do with the tech himself.

bradlinho3254d ago

Really looking forward to Enslaved. Not convinced Serkis is the Messiah though. He was just the first to do it properly. Avatar's better, innit?

wohoo3254d ago

Am I the only one yet to see the movie? Probably. And I feel so left out.