Rumor: Twisted Metal PS3 hinted at in clownsplosion?

From PS3fanboy:
"We say "clownsplosion" because at first, the image of an atomic explosion seemed innocent enough (relatively speaking) and we didn't see the hidden image inside the puffs of PlayStation 3 exclusive smoke. We'd outline it, but we're too lazy. There's a madly laughing clown. A lot of debate has been floating around the PS3 Forums about this picture, but most seem to agree -- Twisted Metal...

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GoLeafsGo5424d ago

C'mon...*crosses fingers*

fenderputty5424d ago

That would be freaking sick.

[email protected]5424d ago

WE NEED SOME JAFFE LOVE.... Come on... Be truth be truth.

Firewire5424d ago

This is pretty much confirmed!

Incognito has finished Warhawk,(they made the others) Jaffe is scouting out his new second home, this has been long rumored even. Jaffes role is uncertain in the game, but this is one "I wanted to make another" quote thats coming true.
Sony has also hinted at another Twisted Metal, and Jaffe asked on his blog two weeks ago, "What do you guys want in a new Twisted Metal?"

put it all together and you have a new Twisted Metal"
by the way I mentioned this 6 months ago!

BBsin5424d ago

Is David Jaffe finished with making low budget PSN games??? i sure hope so, he needs to go back into making bigger scale games such as Twisted Metal.

Cupid-Stunt5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Ive never heard of it? lol

Thanks fopums.

REbirth5424d ago

see for yourself...was one of the 1st killer games in ps2...

Rhezin5424d ago

twisted metal i gotta admit was an AWESOME game back in the day.

fopums5424d ago

twisted metal is pretty much the father of car combat games, crazy characters with over the top special attacks and each installment is pretty much armageddon warmed over.

there great :D, hope this is legit. bring on minion baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.