L1 game store calls for EA boycott

EA is implementing the Online Pass system with all their new sports titles. This is a one time registration code that locks the online content availability to your console. if you buy a used EA sports title (starting with the 2011 titles) you will be forced to buy a new online pass for an additional $10!!! for the same service that already exists and is offered for free right now.

Do not let EA continue this practice.

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DJexs4391d ago

I'll boycott until my ea ban is lifted lol

jjohan354391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Does anyone know if the EA Online Pass gets locked to your account or to your console?

If locked to your account, does that mean that my brother's account on the SAME console cannot play online with my copy of Madden?

If locked to your console, does that mean I cannot play online with my copy of Madden on my brother's console?

In either case, this is absolute BULLSHIT. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Rainstorm814391d ago

It works kinda like the VIP codes on BFBC2........locked to your account.

Inside_out4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

The only thing worse than EA and Ubisoft with there" we need to get all there info and charge twice" crap is the gamers that think this stuff is a good idea...Makes business sense...yeah, for who....Lets sell them demos...these IDIOTS will buy ANYTHING....

I'm done with these guys...hopefully retailers will show Ea and Ubisoft the door......lets see how many games they sell when no one has go anyone...

FOXDIE4391d ago

This is a really serious topic folks, please pay attention and spread the word!

DarkSpawnClone4391d ago

Where do i sign up this is "MADNESS!!" EA boycotted.we cant let them do this.

Rainstorm814391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

THIS......iS......EA SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!

(kicks Peter Moore into a bottomless pit)

trounbyfire4391d ago

getting so damn tired of these companies and the greed

jagstatboy4391d ago

you nailed it...the bottom line for doing this is greed. Think about the coin EA already makes, and now they are screwing gamers over even more and don't give a flip.

BlackCountryBob4391d ago

Get a grip, you are not being ripped off. Pull your head out of your ass and be real for a second. The choice is simple, you spend £40 on the game new and nothing changes but if you buy the game second hand 2 days after launch for £35 it will cost you more so it makes sense to buy it new. Same for if you buy it platinum. In my opinion, it is a very clever and mostly innocuous way of protecting their core business so it is them getting money to reinvest in games like Dead Space rather than Gamestop top slicing whose profits go to shareholders.

And it seems to be neglected that you will get 7 days free play on a second hand game before the lock comes in.

Support the people who make games by always buying new.

Darrius Cole4390d ago

@BlackCountryBob - We are being ripped of by this change.

Ownership of a good or service is the right to use that good or service.

Ownership of a physical copy of the game is the right to play the game.

EA is trying to say that we don't have the right to play a game even though we bought the game from the owner fair and square. Once you buy a game its yours; you can do what you want with it. You can play it, play frisbee with it, use it it as a plate, and yes, sell it to whomever you want. EA is trying to eliminate the market for second hand games, and increase their profit BY REMOVING VALUE (taking away the right to re-sell a game that you own) instead of by adding value.

-If I don't want to play the game online in the first place, will I be able to pay $10 less for the physical copy and let them keep their online pass?

-Is it now OK for someone to download the game a play it since the game is not complete without the online pass?

-Since EA doesn't want people selling back their used copies why don't they offer the games as donwload only titles?

I have an answer for the last question. The answer is...because the online-only market is not as big. Therefore, Online-only titles don't sell as much. People want physical copies. (Ref: PSP-Go). EA wants the benefit of having stores like Gamestop create a market for game's physical copies but not the downside of having Gamestop creating a market for their physical copies.

What if other industries did this? What if you couldn't live in a used house? What if you couldn't drive a used car? What if no one could buy used stocks on Wall Street?

This is greed and arrogance on behalf of EA....greed because they are trying to get more money in exchange for nothing...arrogant because they think it will work and it won't.

Only Madden and Tiger Woods golf are able to compete while doing this. These two are only able because they have a contract with the NFL and Tiger Woods. The other EA games are too close the 2K games and in many cases the 2K games are better than the EA games anyway.

Please forgive any typos or proofing errors.

Baka-akaB4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I'm just going to boycott those stores ripping us of with their used games instead :p .

Feel free to disagree away

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