GameStop backs publisher initiative to buy new.

GameStop isn't too concerned with the recent swing of publisher initiatives to get consumers to buy games new. The company stated on its financial call this morning it will back these new business models, such as Electronic Arts' "Online Pass."

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unrealgamer584143d ago

Bull, gamestop knows this really wont affect them.

Briefcase Joe4143d ago

What are they suppose to say? That they hate it? They can't do that so they are stuck saying they support it. All this means is less money for trade-ins and lower prices for used games. Gamestop will still find a way to make money.

zalanis4142d ago

i totally disagree. this will affect gamestop and every other major videogame retailer as well. heres how. first i hate the fact tht EA is going t hav 1 TIME CODES implemented to play the games online. ok gamestop sells a brand new copy of a game(any game), the person tht bought the game beats it, realizes tht they shoulda rented it, then they return it. still with me, good. ok so gamestop sells the same game again to another innocent gamer. ka-ching!!. see. so gamestop just made almost twice as much money on a single copy of the game. if the 2nd guy returns it he gets even less back then the first guy, but gamestop then continues selling the now physically abused game for (u guessed it) almost the same price as the first time. whts the point??, thts wht we see today. but with the 1 TIME CODES tht r coming, gamestop wont b able to make as much money on a single copy anymore, since no 1 will return their games even if they dont like them because it'll b of no use to 2nd guy buying it. thus gamestop wont even bother taking back. and lets face it in todays economy, not every 1 will pay $60 for new games or $80-$90 for special editions. and since we're on the subject wht does this mean for places like blockbuster video. think about it!!. theres going to b no point for them buying games from EA or any 1 else if they cant rent them to more than 1 person, for like ever!! lol. face it! this affects every major gaming retailer in the world. it even affects the idiot companies making the games. since places like blockbuster will only buy copies they can sell not extra copies for rent. remember/ the codes are called (1 time codes) for a reason. pfft!! dumb ass idea.