Irish 'drunk' sours launch of hit game

Rockstar Games' latest may be getting high marks from the gaming enthusiast press, but Red Dead Redemption doesn't seem to be as warmly received by Ireland's Evening Herald newspaper, which labels the game's Irish sot a "nasty surprise."

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Denethor_II4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )


ryuzu4143d ago

The article doesn't take exception to the use of the well wron Irish stereotype - I can't find any reference to a "nasty surprise" in it.

The article simply states the presence of the character but makes no judgement on it and then goes on to repeat the $100 million development claim.


LarVanian4143d ago

Hmm another brit that didn't bother to actually read the article which calls RDR 'groundbreaking'

MovieScouse0074143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

He's not British, he's Irish. Doh.

Here's how it breaks down
Britain is: England, Scotland and Wales.

The Ireland is a completely separate entity!

Are you American by any chance?
I'm just trying find an explaination for you lack of basic geographical knowledge!

Actually Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom NOT Great Britain!
The full title for the UK is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland all Her Territories and Dependents"

bjornbear4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Northern Ireland is also Britain...

just a detail. doesn't mean he's right though

@ disagree i was just adding NI to his list, i think I hurt some cultural pride though:

dabri54143d ago

"Are you American by any chance?
I'm just trying find an explanation for you lack of basic geographical knowledge! "

LOL that is a goo....oh wait.... :(

Dipso4143d ago


I think LarVanian is referring to Den_UK's original comment which read.

"Another Paddy with a chip on his shoulder..sigh"

Wrathman4143d ago

im from northern extremely british.

you could go anywhere in the uk and find that drinking is equally problematic in wales,scotland,england,NI and the south of ireland.

let me describe a typical nite out on both islands..get pissed,fight have a kebab.its a pastime.except if your from london..then you do all that but still sound like a poofter.

us brits can take a joke.stereotype or offensive.but if your fit enough to give it out,you better be fit enough to take it.thats the unsaid rule.that and the english cant handle the drink.thats why you only get the half measures of spirits in pubs.lmao.then riot!haha.

LarVanian4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Umm could I just ask as to what the hell you are talking about?
My original comment was directed at Den_UK, whose user-name implies that he is British. I have absolutely no idea what you were referring to. And for the record I am actually from Dublin, but I have been living in Derry, Northern Ireland for the past 9 years, so you didn't have to give me that pointless lecture, I know perfectly well what the UK is as well as my home country of Ireland. You think I have a lack of geographical knowledge? Well I think you are ignorant :)

shadow27974143d ago


Personally, I like the Irishman. But then again, I don't really have a reason to be offended, either.

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Dipso4143d ago

I don't take any offense to Irish could I with a user name like mine ;-)

What I do take offense to is English people thinking they get a free pass with calling us "paddy" as if its less offensive than "nigger" or "packie", there is nothing endearing or playful about's just plain derogatory.

If you read the article you would see that the journalist briefly mentions the regrettable stereotype but he is hardly making an issue out of it.

Hellsvacancy4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

I never refer to the irish as "paddys" i do pikeys though and i can say that coz i gotta few (well two brothers) irish stoner buddys, you should hear what they say 2 me, its all about give and take man

People take things too personally, if the Muslims aint moanin the Jews are and if there not some other nation is, the only other country i can think of who dont seem to give a rats arse about other affairs are the Aussies, there the most laid people ever "just get on with it mate"

edhe4143d ago

Indeed, racism & religion isn't resigned to just the different skin colours or religions of the world.

Sadly the highlighted events make people thing that casual bigotry like that is 'ok' as long as they're not tossing certain words around.

Hey folks, it's not the words that are bad, it's the history of their use and their semantics.

IrishRepublicanArmy4143d ago

what i cant get over is that brits think the word paddy insults us. i call us paddys as every second irishman is called paddy. The other half are called mick.
as for the drinking, you only live once so you might aswell live it to the full. if i wasnt a footballer id be with my mates in the pub every second night.

IrishAssa4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Well in fairness...Most of the people I know from ages 16-18 drink almost every week. So I agree with the sterotype.

But when peoiple say stuff about my heritage then F*** that. I'll use all the sterotypes/race attacks I want against them.

Edit--shi* I was first drunk when I was 12 then nearly every week from 15 onwards

Lucreto4143d ago

I'm Irish and I hardly ever drink. I have only about 5 pints this year.

Ireland does have a drinking culture but I don't like the sterotypes all that much.

IrishAssa4143d ago

I get what your saying. You don't drink but your still classed as a drunken Irish man. Sucks a good bit. I'm 18 now give me a few years and I doubt I will drink as much.

christian hour4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Yeah I got most my drinking urges out of my system between 14-19. Then I realized what a waste of money it was, and I just drink on special occasions or every 3 weeks. or might go down for one to the local with a friend of mine who i don't see as often as id like to. A lot of my friends still go out every weekend but I cant do that at all. Going out tonight mind you, friends birthday. Going to get sloshed! And then a bbq tomorrow... But I'm getting high for that.

Ireland does have a boozing culture, and thats not a bad thing, just the majority of scumbags in this country ruin it and give it a bad image for everyone else. Same can be said for england, and of course the media are always going to show the bad side of things.

I always love when things like that are in games though. I know its a stereotype and its based on some truth, so it don't get offended at all. I find ill enjoy the game a lot more. I would not have given the saboteur so much of my time if the lead character wasn't such a badly impersonated Irish man. and i loved the Irish-american family in gta iv.

Woah first time posting in a while. why is everyone on 3 bubbles now?

oh and one more thing, while drunken irish is a stereotype based on some truth as all stereotypes are, one thing I'd like to make a point of is how racist and close minded a lot of irish people are. Its a big problem in this country and its mostly from the typical crowd (scumbags/skangers/chavs/whate ver) but its the one thing that really annoys me about this country. Its more apparent in the older crowd too (my dad is a closet racist) so hopefully in the next 20 years the majority will be non racist, but in the mean time we are the minority

Pika-pie4143d ago

How many Irish people will actually care.. Really!

In GTAIV an Irish family were a gang of bank robbers and murderers. Did they care then? Or was the Italian American stereotype more offensive in that one.

Cryptech4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

No crap. I totally agree. God forbid Rockstar use a stereotype in one of its games, LMAO, are u effing kidding me!

christian hour4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

@1.6.1 Did you read the article? Or just the headline. The stereotype was just a minor thing to grab attention, or are you unaware of how the media and journalists tend to operate? He went on to praise the game. And is probably well aware of rockstars stereotyped characters.

Darkstorn4143d ago

The article's implying that there MIGHT be some controversy over this, so the title is a bit sensationalized.

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Lucreto4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

The description is misleading.

As an Irish edition of the paper says the game is good but they are disappointed as the game stereotyped the Irish character as the town drunk and the townspeople calling him Irish.

isa_scout4143d ago

I've seen other drunken characters in RDR. every nationality has it's fair share of drunks.Hell, im scottish trust me I know. If anything I thought it made the game more believable

bjornbear4143d ago

Im half swedish and I KNOW the swedes drink a LOT (especially in teh winter and mid-summar's party)
I DON'T, but they do, and so what its culture

if anyone says "HAHA look a drunk swede"

SilverSlug4143d ago

I'm Irish and I'm drunk right now.

xabmol4143d ago

And I'm drunker than you are!

DelbertGrady4143d ago

But now I'm just sh*tfaced.

STEVIE_4143d ago

So give me a second...

irish-leprecaun4143d ago

Ive been drunk for the past 400 years. nothing like a bit of aul poteen

Consoldtobots4143d ago


now here's a man who has it all figured out.

nothing wrong with drinking, hell you should hear some mexicans I know talk about drinking, it's like a religion to them.

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