PlayOn Premium Officially Launches

MediaMall Technologies, Inc. today announced the next evolution of PlayOn™, a service that lets entertainment junkies watch online video like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and more – right on a Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. PlayOn Premium takes the cost-saving service to the next level, adding new premium content and on-going updates for an affordable annual fee.

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Godmars2903099d ago

Have to wait till E3 and see what, if anything, Sony has coming up for streaming options.

N4GAddict3099d ago

Looks like an announcement at E3 is imminent

Jack Klugman3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

use this for a long time and im really disappointed they are going to a sub model.

i can already see the paid/non-sub version getting stripped down and never getting any updates.. as soon as a good unofficial plugin comes out, they snatch it up, drop support of it on the basic version and then integrate it into the premium version.

N4GAddict3099d ago

I wished it could be free too

N4GAddict3099d ago

Never used PlayOn before. But it looks pretty cool.

Christopher3099d ago

Used it in the past. It's not bad, except I don't care for having to keep a PC on for the streaming of data. Would rather they work to develop an application for each console, but likely they're held back by licensing issues.

MpV353099d ago

Their pricing scheme is a little backwards from normal subscriptions. "Pay less now then more later" is usually the norm to get people's foot in the door.

Christopher3099d ago

It's actually a better scheme in the market that it's in considering there's no real competition for what they provide. It's an enticement for people to continue to subscribe rather than an enticement for people to try it out and cancel when their cheaper subscription term is up.

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