PS3Vault: E3 2010 Predictions

E3 2010 is only weeks away and everyone here at PS3Vault is eager to share their predictions. Who will have the best conference? What do we expect to see? What kind of surprises do the big three have in store for us? Will James Cameron bore us to tears? We answer all those questions and much more.

Go ahead and take the plunge. The read more link is teasing you? Just give in and while your at it, let us know what you think in the comment section.

Note: The full written predictions are on the site.

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NYC_Gamer3074d ago

i'm sure sony will bring the goods at e3 expect alot of strong 1st party titles...hope bioware gives us some love

fedex6823074d ago

The good points first:

1. PS2 emulator for the PS3 coming through the 3.4 firmware update
2. Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, motorstorm 3, Syphon filter (yes!), The Last guardian and a Man Furismo jive announcement for July-August.
3. Lots of games for move for both hardcore and casual gamers
4. I am also expecting a few surprise announcements like Uncharted 3 (I can dream right?), Eight Days and Agent

The bad:

1. I dont believe Insomniac will be exclusive anymore. They will do resistance 3 and the odd games here and there but they will not be a sony exclusive (I hope I am wrong though)

WMW3074d ago

insomniac said they would stay exclusive this gen and think about multiplat next gen also sony owns resistance so it will be exclusive.

blitz06233074d ago

I just want KZ3. I absolutely loved 2 and I know 3 can only be better. Of course, some more info like a trailer, though unlikely on VXIII and a release date for GT5 would be nice too.

Azianphil883074d ago

its great that someone here would remember Eight Days but i would also mention the Getaway

sikbeta3074d ago


Loads of PS3 Exclusives

xyxzor3074d ago


I'm sure they will :), Not sure what Bioware will show off other than the Old Republic.

xyxzor3074d ago


They haven't said much about the subject. How many times have we seen the money card played this generation? I think it's a possibility.

NYC_Gamer3074d ago

i'll still respect Insomniac even if they go multiplat which they have every right since they're indy...

colonel1793074d ago

that FFv13 going multiplatform would be a blow for Sony, they have the best first party games, and those are the only ones this generation setting the bar higher with each release. That being said, FFvs13 going multiplatform would be a huge blow for us gamers, and for the game itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.