Gabe Newell on PS3: Video

CVG: Valve's Gabe Newell has given his perspective on PS3 in a new, hour-long video interview, which you can watch right here.

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Kain813261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Gabe is the GENERAL and DARTH VADER THE PS3 look what happening

360RRODFIX3261d ago

At which point speaks on PS3, i dont want to watch this nonsense in full.

FarEastOrient3261d ago

Actually the interview isn't that bad, he isn't exciting like M Pachter, but who can be more fun than that guy with interviews and predictions.

He talks about how he doesn't like gate keepers, but he forgot Steam is headed in that direction. I remember back in the day when I hated Steam, now I'm getting Civ V through it.

I wonder if Battlenet is headed that way?

BattleAxe3261d ago

I hear ya, I started watching it, and Gabe is such a poor speaker. Half of the suff that comes out of his mouth is giberish.

piroh3261d ago

Gabe seems to be a very lazy man

ReservoirDog3163261d ago

They start up on the PS3 at around the 70% point.

Arkham3261d ago

"Gabe seems to be a very lazy man"

I see what you did there. ;)

Shadow Flare3261d ago

Did anyone choose to watch the HD version of this video? You can see more flab rolls then you can in SD

xabmol3261d ago

Valve games are 360 console exclusive because WoW > UC2?

THE FUCK?? o_O?!

LoVeRSaMa3261d ago

I wasn't able to watch the video, I ran out of bandwidth as soon as his image loaded into my screen..

I had to format my hard drive also because it was full.

jeseth3261d ago

Gabe is out of breath and winded just from talking. It sounds like he's choking on his own breath.

Other than that, it was an interesting video for what I watched.

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''Amazing funny video.''

I'm talking about video from Kain81. Not about the interview with Gabe N.

pixelsword3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

lol I remember when it first came out; it's by the guy who made the "Vader feels blue" clip if I'm not mistaken.

jebabcock3261d ago

A few comments down someone was trying to compare the profitability of making consoles to steam... Steam is NOT a console. It requires a PC or MAC... Now, steam is great for the PC market and we won't get into the whole profitability of developing pc games and the marketing trends(but personally i think pc gaming has been going downhill for a LOOONG time). The reason why most really great games come to consoles, is because that is where the money is(game developers point of view). Steam is a way of distributing games. a pc game doesn't work on a mac, a mac game has to be passed to a mac system. So there is nothing amazing here. Now steam could be built to work with Xbox and/or PS3 but wait, doesn't each of the systems already have their own online stores with digital distribution??? so yeah, steam is basically useless for these systems. and doesn't offer anything. Its nothing new, its nothing revolutionary, its a way of buying your pc game online. Is it a breakthrough? no... Is Valve forcing you to only get a game through steam revolutionary? well, maybe on terms with stalin or hitler... Basically such a gesture shows little trust in one's prediction. they are trying to force an outcome. The fact of the matter is that for this generation, people like to have their own physical copy of things... Thats why bluray is STILL steadily being adopted even in the wake of netflix and other such online accessible things. in the 80's people predicted that we would NO DOUBT be in flying cars by the 2000's and be traveling to mars and all over outer space... Its easy to make predictions, but reality is a whole other story. Things tend to move alot slower than we think especially when money is involved..

HolyOrangeCows3261d ago

The thing I wonder most about this: Why does he spend so much time discussing why they don't develop for the Ps3? I don't just mean this video, I mean overall.

What drives him and the rest of Valve to make excuses over and over again?

Darkfocus3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

there real excuse is just that they don't like ps3 or consoles in general(look at how little the 360 version of TF is updated compared to pc, pc 121 updates 360 3 and most of those updates added content). the only reason some of there games are on xbox is because it's ridiculously easy to port them. portal still alive was decompiled by an indy dev(one person at that) into a pc version that's how easy it is.

xabmol3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I don't understand how he can use those points as a reason for not developing on the PS3 when the 360 has the same.

Gabe logic does not compute...

iPad3261d ago

How is this guy even a developer? He looks like one of those people who lives in McDonald's eating all day.

lowcarb3261d ago

What does his appearance have to do with being a developer? You guys are on a mission to try and be funny lol.

UnSelf3261d ago

a man named lowcarb is defending a post about McDonalds lol

now THATS comedy.

no, but seriously lowcarb is right, leave the guys weight alone

lowcarb3261d ago

Hey I didn't think about that lol.

Chubear3261d ago

they sure do end up talking a lot more about it than the console they say they prefer though. Odd.

TheHater3261d ago

What would happen if Gabe and Valves spend half the time they spend complaining about the PS3 to actually learn how to program for the system.
I also don't understand why the keep answering question about the PS3 if they hate it so much? If I was them, I would just say pass or next question. What is so hard about saying next or pass

kaveti66163261d ago

I thought all you PS3 guys had good gaming rigs to play all those Xbox360/PC games. Why do you want any of Valve's games to be on the PS3 when either way they would play better on the PC than on any other system?

Valve doesn't have to develop for the PS3 because it's not fiscally profitable for them to do so. That's all Valve needs to tell the consumer. When Sony starts caring about making the PS3 faster to develop for and less costly to develop for, then Valve will start developing for the PS3.

zag3261d ago

It's the media, they want answers so valve answer them, the main problem though is No and We don't like PS3 and we only make PC games.

don't seem to be enough of a answer for some media/people to get the point that valve aren't making PS3 games.

starchild3261d ago


You guys are so ignorant. Give me a break. You don't get where Gabe Newell is by being lazy.

zag3261d ago

In the Guts?

Or is that guts are busy?


deafwing3261d ago

awesome find .. I guess the PS3 could careless about Gabe (or did you really mean Sony)? LOL

XxZxX3261d ago

when I see Gabe, It remind me of P90X..

PCnPS3Gamer3261d ago

Is this guy speaking another language I'm not familiar with or is he just inept at putting sentences together. hes even worse then hip hop wannabe.

worst vid ever

what the hell is he talking about, does he fucking realize that the ps3 is a console not a fucking personal computer. yet he keeps comparing it to the mac like shit man this guy is the biggest xbot ever.

He likes the 360 and then says the ps3 needs to be more open like im lost the 360 and the ps3 are basically the same ps3 just has more features and power. if gabe can develop for 360 he can develop for ps3. like geez what a fanboy bitch making the lamest most ridiculous excuses for not developing games for the ps3.

ps3 = gamecube wtf man someone must have gave him a doughnut with pcp in it. fuck me..... i hope this guy just falls in a well and dies....

solar3261d ago

here we go again. hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

jebabcock3261d ago

sw video was hilarious!

Just a thought folks... You know, Gabe earlier said some pretty harsh stuff and pretty much tried to call that the PS3 would be a complete failure a while back. Now that most devs have come out and said that the system is good, its all its cracked up to be, and it runs great, and the system and games are selling very well, It puts him in a bad position. He's got a little thing called pride and stubbornness.. Do you really think Gabe is the type of guy who is going to publicly admit he was wrong.. no... but does he want to be missing out on the cash? probably not, so to save face, he puts out this useless video and other pr material where he trashes the ps3 again but hints at it still being too financially viable to pass up even though it sucks, so that when e3 comes and valve announces hey X game is going to goto ps3, he doesn't look like a complete horse's rear end... But, it also means he is excused throwing together crappy ports to make a few bucks, and then blaming it on the ps3 architecture. its pretty much just politics... he's just not good at it really.. he needs to stick to the code and leave the PR to PR people... or hire some PR people.... Maybe he just likes attention though... who knows...

kevnb3261d ago

he doesn't care for the 360, but since 360 uses dx9 valve will throw them some shoddy ports. Playing a valve game on 360 is laughable, they are a pc dev.

Shepherd 2143260d ago

Most of you are commenting on his weight and body features rather than addressing his points of why he doesnt like the PS3.

Im sure not all of you are overweight, but i can bet most of you cant run a marathon either.

PCnPS3Gamer3260d ago

honestly he didn't make any sense and every question he went off on some unrelated tan git that had nothing to do with the original question it was complete bs and i felt embarrassed for him.

also i agree that him being fat has nothing to do with him being stupid. but seriously listing to him talk was like jimmy off south park lol

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