Top Gun Landing Onto PSN

TGH Writes:

"This summer Top Gun will land onto the PSN, PC and Mac. Exclusive content is promised for the PSN version. Top Gun will be developed by the fine folks at DoubleSix games. Check out the press release below."

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cyborg69713261d ago

Yeah right like anyone has ever landed on the cruiser in that game.

Information Minister3261d ago

Actually, the AVGN managed to do it... using the Powerglove, no less!

iceman063261d ago

but it took me over a day of gaming and countless talks to myself not to toss the game and the system out of the window!!!*LOL* The later version of the game for the Commodore 64 was way more forgiving and much more fun!

OpenGL3261d ago

I actually own the NES version and I have manged to land on the aircraft carrier before. I've never been able to refuel in the air though, so that always costs me lives.

Did the article even say that this is a port of the NES original?

Acquiesc33261d ago

I own it as well, though it's still quite difficult and tricky to do those landing and refueling sequences.

I don't think it has much to do with the NES version since that one was from Konami.

Jack Klugman3261d ago

i hope the game comes with a cool flight jacket and instructions how to feather your hair like Tom Cruise!


GodsHand3261d ago

I wonder if it will have the original game from the NES era on it. But I think I will need a demo, and some vid's of it before I would buy a game like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.