Video: Samsung puts 3D into HDTVs

ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind talks to Samsung's manager of HDTV product planning, Dan Schinasi, about the company's new 3D HD rear-projection television. To enable 3D content on the TV, users will need Samsung proprietary software, a PC, a DVI card and 3D glasses.

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mrk015429d ago

now we can watch gas prices go up just like you were standing in front of a gas station.

Crazyglues5429d ago

you get bubbles my friend because that comment is Priceless... LoL

Jaws Jr5429d ago

and this is not even an innovation. Still I appreciate Samsung for trying to bring 3d into the mass market (I own a 52 inch M87 full HD lcd by Samsung and I must say it's a keeper for life, it's extremely good)

Everytime I see news about 3d, goggles, headtracking etc, I cringe because not one person/company could come up with a viable alternative so far..

The giants need to step in and bring around a practical VR revolution within 5 years IMO as the next logical step after HD is 3D.

Crazyglues5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

This sh** sucks.... For one, can you say warped vision - I can just see the side effect's coming in now..

(do you remember that red 3D thing Nintendo was making for portable gaming that a whole lot of people started suing Nintendo because it gave them warped vision and made them dizzy and sick) As soon as he said 3D DLP that's what came to mind for me.

I would stay away from this thing at all cost if you really value your safety, this thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I can already see the people in the interview saying " we had no idea that this product would cause this kind of damage."

-well I just told you so you can't say someone didn't warn you.

calidredz5428d ago

and I am not a DLP tv fan but I still have to get this. I have been waiting for 3d too long and even with the dumb glasses its worth it. This is immersion to another level, sign me up.

Ebay3rd5428d ago

thinkn maybe this one needs a lil work even on the concept side, So basically i have to own several pair of the glasses so that company can watch tv also. Maybe they didn't think this one through, I think whats really news is the wireless HD 1080p television hitting the stores in October, Don't sleep on that one check it out its on the same page just go to source, and on another unrelated note did anyone take a look at the electric car that goes 0-60 in 3.07 seconds, that can only be beaten by 1 car in the entire world and that car is 1.4 million not sure what price is on the electric car but I do know it has $40,000 in batteries on it so its probably gonna be about 100,000 unless someone has a better figure...

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