Joystiq impressions: Army of Two

Joystiq reports:
"If you've stood up to a bully and told him he was gonna get a beating, a clever response from him would be "Oh yeah? You and what army?" If you'd responded, "Um ... me and this guy," you probably would have been laughed into oblivion.

In Army of Two, that's all you get ... you and a buddy as private military contractors. The game is completely built around co-op, which the developers frequently found themselves enjoying in games like Halo and Contra (shout out, old school style!) so why not make a game that's all about co-op gameplay? Your buddy can be sitting next to you, via splitscreen, or they can be sitting in Sydney, Australia, via the online co-op. Two's company, three's a crowd."

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HowarthsNJ5428d ago

Not the concept, but the implementation of it. I don't want my avatar glowing with a red aura or going transparent. It will pull the player right out of the experience.

Also, stop copying need for a blood spattered camera lens.


The concept is okay, I understand what they are trying to do,

But I feel that it should be a more natural occurence, instead of handholding us to let us know what we should do. At least take out the glowing red aspect, and transparency thing.

It looks like it will be fun to play regardless.

Ebay3rd5428d ago

Im all for anything co-op, bring back that ole school feeling, nothing like gearing up with one of your boys and putting in some work... So I'll definately be buying this one...