Get Rich with Red Dead Redemption DLC Codes

People who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption received codes to download special items and weapons. Some people are now selling these download codes on eBay and the prices for these items are very high.

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ShadyDevil3071d ago

You wouldn't see me buying a DLC that people get in stores

MightyMark4273071d ago

i agree, damn there are greedy people out there that wants to make a profit of something they received for free heh

MattyF3071d ago

Always happens. People will do anything to make a few extra bucks.

PS360_373071d ago

I really can't blame them, because there are always people out there that buy it. The demand is obviously there.

IdleLeeSiuLung3071d ago

Why blame it on the seller or buyer? They both seem happy so what is the problem. Seriously people always think that they can butt into others bizness.

If the sellers were hoarding it, then that is an entirely different issue, but these were given away as a pre-order. Just a case of the smart outwits the non-planner.

ReservoirDog3163070d ago

Haha, jeez. I just gave out two golden gun codes. To think I could've made money. Oh well I suppose. No use crying over that. Hope those two enjoy it though.

vickers5003070d ago

I do enjoy it, ReservoirDog316. Thanks again, more people should be as nice as you.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3071d ago

Though it's not as bad as the WoW DLC that was once released. If I remember they were charging 100 dollars or so (maybe i'm completely off) for a new mount.

NexGen3071d ago

You're right, somewhat. People were charging for rare mounts that were only obtained through buying the WoW trading cards. The rare card had a code for this mount...prices were going for well over $100 for it though lol.

SnakePlissken3070d ago

Yea, you would rather pay through the nose on xbox live for your DLC. I see the difference, lol. Moron!

PPNSteve3071d ago

What a bunch of greedy tards.. but now a days people will buy and sell anything. *sigh*

BeaArthur3071d ago

I would love to hear an explanation as to why anyone would buy that stuff.

STICKzophrenic3071d ago

Don't blame the people listing them, blame the morons willing to pay that price.

It doesn't make any sense why someone would spend at least half the cost of the game for ONE single item. Obviously they have the internet, so why didn't they know about the pre-order bonuses?

vickers5003070d ago

I would like to buy the War Horse for my ps3 version, but the maximum amount I would be willing to spend would be 5 bucks. I don't have a best buy where I live, so I couldn't really partake in (all) of the pre order bonuses. I certainly wouldn't pay 30 bucks for one though.

SnakePlissken3070d ago

Maybe because their copy didnt come with DLC and they cant get it anywhere else? You buy DLC on live, how is it any different? Its good to see the consumer for once, be able to make a few extra bucks back on his or her purchase. Nothing wrong with that!

jagstatboy3071d ago

no worse than publishers and developers getting greedy and charging extra to play online with a used game.

STICKzophrenic3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I don't agree with charging to unlock online modes for used games, but it's $10 for all of the online features. This is $25-$50 for a single item.

That isn't even close to the same thing really.

jagstatboy3071d ago

maybe not close in terms of dollars and cents, but it's the same principle.

Ares84PS33071d ago

Will raise the price for DLC in the future because idiots will buy this.

bjornbear3070d ago

both sides are at fault.

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