New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Details (Resnov Returns)

SystemLink: "SystemLink has rounded up all the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops information from both the new issue of Official Playstation Magazine, and their podcast. So, hit the jump for all the knowledge."

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mjolliffe3098d ago

Awesome :) Can't wait for it!

darkmurder3098d ago

Until the next COD 5 months from now how can people just continually hand over money to Activision?

Chaotic_Lament3098d ago

Because they make great games they we enjoy.

Valay3098d ago

Yeah, sounds prettttttty darn good.

tomisnever3098d ago

All of this is just speculation, but i do like the idea of a very early AUG. I think MW2 guns feel too perfect and deadly. i want some guns that feel a bit ruff around the edges, puts me in the Vietnam mood.

freediro3098d ago

well to be honest with you, its never the gun, its always the man behind it. Your real problem is that MW2 sucks and is a porrly balanced game with gameplay that completely lost the touch and greatness that was COD4 (even that game had plenty of issues, although still fantastic)

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