ModNation dev: 'What PS3 heroes do you want to see?'

ModNation Racers dev, United Front Games wants to know what PS3 game heroes you'd like to see added to its mammoth racer.

Speaking to CVG, director William Ho said his keenness spans from community reaction to LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted and God of War pre-order characters.

"We're very keen to investigate what videogame heroes people want to see in ModNation Racers," he said.

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Redempteur3256d ago

sorry but the community in LBP is just playing levels ..i don't see how the community is divided ???

Claudinho693256d ago

all final fantasy characters. ty

N4GAddict3256d ago

Wild Arms characters please

piroh3256d ago

EyePet monster
guy from Shadow of the Colossus

piroh3256d ago

in Super Smash Bros there is also Solid Snake and he isn't owned by Nintendo, then in Modnation Racers can be Master Chief, Sonic or Super Mario, at least the Sonic. or they can name it Mr. Beef, Sonik, Souper Mario because of trademark

fantasygamer3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

some Resident Evil people ^-^ Jill, Leon, Chris, Ada, Claire just to name a few. Id also love FF characters from 7 and beyond..( @ piroh the SOTC guys name is Wander i think)

N4GAddict3256d ago

The whole Twisted Metal cast

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