Summer Gaming

Critical Gamer writes: As we move into the summer months the release of major games becomes a trickle, much like a water supply during a summer drought. It’s a phenomenon that has been synonymous with gaming for years, as publishers put all their efforts into pushing their titles for the Christmas market. Unfortunately this glut of games leads to some gems getting left on the shelves as uneducated parents flock to buy the latest entry in the FIFA or Call of Duty franchises.

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scruffy_bear3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I hate the summer drought but Red Dead Redemption will help me see in the summer this year

mjolliffe3256d ago

Red Dead will sort me out through the summer. I might go back to LBP as well :))

captain-obvious3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

well right now (yet to finish)
i got RDR
and im yet to finish demon souls (last part of the last arch stone)
and some fallout 3 DLCs (yes i haven't finished fallout3 GOTYE yet)

add to that
MNR multiplayer
RDR multiplayer
BF:BC2 multiplayer
MGO multiplayer
Some MAG and killzone 2 and uncharted2 (multiplayer) here and there

And this is only on the PS3
I got crap load of other games on my xbox and PC
So yes there is so many games and so very little time

Hellsvacancy3256d ago

Mafia 2 will b next for me, then GT5 (if its out) then Fallout Vegas, everythinelse will b a rental

tdogchristy903256d ago

Picked up Red Dead Redemption last night because of the drought. I had nothing else until the fall release with which I have like 12 games planned. Might also get Bioshock as well and slowly work on that story.

N4GAddict3256d ago

Yea, thanks god for RDR

Cubes3256d ago

Red Dead Redemption should keep me busy through the lean times. Why do the publishers do this during the summer?

N4GAddict3256d ago

They believe games don't sell well in thew summer

scruffy_bear3256d ago

Another game that eat up the days in Summer would have to be 3D Dot Game Heroes and also Demon's Souls will soon be out in the UK too

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The story is too old to be commented.