IncGamers - Dyack: "Too Human Not In Development For 10 Years"

IncGamers can reveal that Too Human, despite contrary belief, was not in development for 10 years.

In an exclusive interview with IncGamers, president and founder of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, said the title was only in development for four years, despite the press reporting otherwise.

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toaster3074d ago

4 years.. and it was still just an average game.

likedamaster3074d ago

They should've been patient and used the Unreal Engine 3, cuz that engine they used was a bit horrible looking. I'm curious to see what they do with Too Human 2, Too human was NOT that bad and had a better story than most of the tripe out now.

Montrealien3074d ago

did they announce Too Human 2? God I hope so, whether you liked the first one or not, it is an interesting concept that has potential.

Elven63074d ago

They were using the UE3 but according to SK, Epic was hold back on all of the tech that they were supposed to give out to licenser's because they wanted Gears of War to be the first good UE 3 game.

On topic: I thought the development time was pretty well known asides from the odd fanboy or two who claimed otherwise.

The Meerkat3074d ago

I think they did.
I can't wait to see what Loki does with that frost giant.

tplarkin73074d ago

Once the press gets infected by a lie, it spreads and becomes dogma. The reason is peer pressure. The members of the press rely too much on each other for verification.

XactGamer3074d ago

They had to build this game using two engines the first was UE but with the lawsuit they had to start over. I think they did a fine job because I love the game and it has a cut following.

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Icyhot3074d ago

Who cares if it took 1 year or 10 years to make it, it turned out to be an average game which was soon forgotten like Haze.

"The game was finally reviewed as it were in development for 10 years"

Lol the guy still thinks it was a good game LMAO.

Maticus3074d ago

Aww Haze - another one that didn't live up to the hype :P

Mr_Bun3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The fact of the matter is that Too Human was being shopped around for approx. 15 YEARS in one form or another before it was actually released. Maybe only 4 years of development for the 360.

More importantly, why is he still talking about this? A game that he himself hyped to be amazing and turned out to be a flop, is equivalent to constantly reminding people of the time your dog died.

thereapersson3074d ago

A game that he himself hyped to be amazing and turned out to be a flop, is equivalent to constantly reminding people of the time your dog died.


Montrealien3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Too Human is a great game, however it aint not for everyone. The people that love it, love it, and the people that hate it, hate it. Can you guys respect that people actually did enjoy this game and would want a sequel? 500k world wide sales is nothing to be proud about, but it is also nothing to be ashamed of.


Well done, you show once again you have the maturity of a tic.

Venatus-Deus3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )


A great game is for everyone and an average game is liked by some and disliked by others.


A great game has sales figures to be proud of and an average game has sales figures that you can neither be proud or ashamed of.

@ Monty
Errr… what the problem now? I was just pointing out inconsistencies in your statement.

Ahh… that’s right, I remember now… You don’t like it when people
point out your opinion could be wrong or they make an argument that baffles you.

karlowma3074d ago

Personally I think that if a single person pays money for something you've created, then you can call that a success. Unfortunately we have this nasty little "hype" thing always creeping in. Not to mention the reality of the bottom line.

And yes, Dyack did hype his own game, or more accurately, embodied the saying "The best defense is a good offense," when discussing the game with fans/haters on the internet. Why he would even bother, though, is beyond me.

I did enjoy the game, and would certainly give a sequel a play-through.

maawdawg3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The main problem the game had is that it never stood a chance of living up to the pre-release hype and the expectation of how good it was going to be "after 10 years in production".

When it came out people expected way too much and when it didn't wow them in the first hour or two they hated it. The control and systems were deep, they just needed time to learn. That is also not helped by the fact that there is little to no tutorial or good info in the game itself. They shot themselves in the foot with that and the scaling enemies. It definitely had its issues, that is for sure, but underneath them it wasn't a terrible game. It was a niche game though and not viable to be judged against AAA mass market competition, which it was hyped to be.

I had a good time with it and dumped a bunch of hours into it in single player and co-op. I wish the dev cycle info wasn't so overblown first off, it just went from review to review with no fact checking. That alone wasn't what killed the game though.

Once the ball starts rolling downhill it is hard to turn around the "hate". Once it becomes the bandwagon thing to do it is just too late, in video games or anything else. I found many of the game's harshest critics never put any time into the game itself, they were just regurgitating what "they heard", which is par for the course I guess.

Dorjan3074d ago

OMG the press got something wrong!? /sarc

NYC_Gamer3074d ago

what site banned this dude?for defendin that awful game..

SilverSlug3074d ago

banned him for freaking out after gamers called the game shit.

Strange_Evil3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Ya I remember that. The dev was literally forcing people to love his POS lol and he totally lost it in Neogaf calling it the worst forum ever and even stooping as low as some of the rabid fanboys by calling names. Read what the guy who banned wrote to him in reply...

"What is an appropriate action to take in response to the man who continues to post here? I won’t be tolerating a second retconned “social experiment,” a second call for NeoGAF’s closing, or a second “worst forum” insult. You decided to ignore the option for real terms for your pointless tag bet, so with the majority of reviews condemning your magnum opus to mediocrity I’ll claim a suitable prize by telling you to get the hell off NeoGAF."

Montrealien3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Neo Gaf being the eletist douchebags that they are. suprised? hell no. That place reaks of self proclaimed know it alls because they got friends in the journalism industry. I hate NeoGaf, no respect for that commnity what so ever.

I bet you the guy who banned Dyak was touching himself as he wrote that self righteous comment. The guys was defending his passion, he worked his ass off on the game, he had every right to defend his work, as anyone should, Neogaf banning him just proves that they are the bad guys here, Dyak was just defending his baby, whether you liked Too Human or not means nothing.

from Neogafs FAQ

Q: Why haven't I been approved?!?!?!

A:You may have to wait 2 minutes, you may have to wait 3 months. The only thing you can do is wait. SO WAIT. Do not PM people about why you haven't been approved, we don't care.

douchebags, I won't be a b*tch to a bunch of b*tches.

being one of the first online gaming forums somehow makes them videogame gods? pffff. not in my books.

Strange_Evil3074d ago

^^^^ Did you even read the comments Dyak posted on NeoGAF before he was banned? Ya he might have worked on his so called idea for 10 years and it flopped, but it didn't require blowing the casket off. He was literally forcing people to love his game and when people retaliated he even stoop to fanboy level by calling out names lol.

And then when people started to get on his nerves and started teasing, like a stupid baby that retaliates, he started attacking NeoGAF by writing on 'NEOGAF' how it was the worst forum and it needed to be closed as soon as possible... You come in my house, eat my food and then sh!t on my rug, then even I am gonna be pissed.... And this he did on the biggest gaming related forum lol.

And you might have had a bad time over there, but half of the NeoGAF crowd know more stuff than the entire media... Even big devs post announcement on that forum... We even get half the news from there.... In my eyes, it's the best place to be if you want to know more about gaming.

Venatus-Deus3074d ago

Sounds like somebody’s still waiting for their account to be approved.

You may complain about the Neo community, but I’ve never had an ending to a game spoiled by other users for any of the consoles I own on their site.

Relax, you’ll get your account approved and trust me you’ll feel right at home.

dragonelite3074d ago

I too am waiting to get approved there.
They are much better as a community then most forums.

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