Alien Breed Evolution Comes to PS3 with a New Name

Alien Breed Evolution, already available for Xbox 360, is coming to the PS3, with a new name, and possibly new content.

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Cajun Chicken3071d ago

Ahh good. Heard it wasn't much like the originals anyway.

gaffyh3071d ago

I just hope it's good, been waiting for this for a while now.

Ocelot5253071d ago

played it when I was little on the amiga

Cajun Chicken3071d ago

I hear it's all 'twin stickery' on the Unreal Engine now.

dgroundwater3071d ago

Yeah that is right. It's a good bit of fun based on the demo.

jay23071d ago

Bloody hell R*, get you're act together with your engine, how bad's AGENT going to look compared to what it could look like?
this news is heart breaking, yes we gain an exclusive, but it's not going to be as mind blowing, power house like as other ps3 exclusives, (in terms of grapihcs, of caurse).

Cajun Chicken3071d ago

What?...I'm fairly sure someone posted on the wrong article here...

Roper3163071d ago

looks that way to me too Cajun