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Echo3073163d ago

Great, now all he has to do admit that he was also wrong about 1,000 times before this, and he'll be set.

In all seriousness, props to him for coming forward. Regardless of the circumstance, it's rarely easy to admit when you're wrong... or maybe he's just trying to butter Rockstar up so they'll send him a copy. Not that I blame him, it's a great game.

StanLee3162d ago

I'll be shocked the day Pachter is actually right about something.

nix3162d ago

lol... my exact sentiments!

darkmurder3162d ago

Pachter: I was wrong about everything I'm actually a fraud and get paid to talk out of my ass

HolyOrangeCows3162d ago

Pachter: "I was wrong about ________"

*Insert any of Pachter's predictions.

Leathersoup3162d ago

Pachter seems to dislike anything that's remotely western... remember Borderlands?

Proxy3162d ago

Being wrong every time is almost as impressive as being right every time. :)

diatom3162d ago

Pachter being wrong is not newsworthy.

shink3162d ago

Patcher being right for once would be news worthy.

johnthe5th3162d ago

Who is he and how did he become so famous? Maybe I should start making some bold predictions and post them on N4G. I would be much more reliable, but then again, who wouldn't be?

Mista T3162d ago

Patcher is right about being wrong 0_o

BWS19823162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

he gained volume and credence is because some of the industry listens to him, including some media and the likes. I can't remember where I first heard of him, could have been Game Informer, but he really hasn't proven himself IMO. For some reason, it's a snowball effect, it seems. Some company in the industry, or some analysts here his name and hear he's "got a prediction" and suddenly he's gained more clout and it just keeps rolling on like that.

You know who would have more credence? Actual game enthusiasts or devs and publishers. I may be wrong, but the guy just seems like an economist who works with the video game industry, nothing more, could even be the guy hates games (but that could be wrong)...Either way, it's ridiculous that the guy's "guesswork" carries the weight it does when it's as wrong as it often is.

He seems to base a lot of his predictions on trends and the past, and not "what would gamers play"...hence my doubt of the man, and my own guess that he doesn't even know why gaming is fun in the first place.

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Double Toasted3163d ago

I think anything he predicts should be labeled as stand-up comedy instead of analytics. Because when I feed into what he says, my head starts to hurt, but when I realize its just Patcher being Patcher...I start laughing. Ha!!!

raztad3163d ago

Out of everything he said this is what I found the most interesting:



To think Patcher is just an industry analyst and what he says dont affect game sales at all scare me.

PS360_373162d ago

No matter how wrong or right he has been, he is as popular as he is because he made those bold predictions. It's so easy to make the easy predictions that always come true, the problem is, no one will notice you.

Red-Dead-Roar3162d ago

when you're wrong time after time, people should just tell him to stfu and stop publishing his spoken voice...

PS360_373162d ago

The problem is, people like us are talking about him. No publicity is bad I've heard :-/

VoicesInMyHead3162d ago

No, I like that he predicts you know the opposite will happen

orange-skittle3162d ago

"No publicity is bad publicity"

Tell that to Toyota or Firestone. Once you get bad reviews on any game, the chance of it being in the bargain bin in 2 months is a definite. Red Dead is amazing and I played for 6 hours yesterday. I am no where near finishing this game, so that is $60 well spent right there. Gotta hurry up because I have Alan Wake waiting for me.

Sylo3162d ago

Toyota and firestone had BAD publicity. He was saying NO publicity is bad. Quit talking about this guy, and that's bad publicity for him. He would eventually go away...

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raWfodog3162d ago

I can't believe this fcuk cant go out and buy the game. He makes a lot of money, I bet. Lazy MF.

LukaX233162d ago

a person who conducts analysis, in particular
• an investment expert, typically in a specified field : rising consumer confidence and falling oil prices are the keys to any upturn, many analysts believe.

*Looks at Pachter*


JokesOnYou3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Sites treat Pachter as if he has some creditability because he works for a respectable firm like Wedbush & Morgan, but when it comes to the gaming industry his predictions and opinions are laughable. He's wrong most of the time and when he's right it's usually a very obvious guess like "I think Halo Reach will be one of the biggest sellers this year."= No shiii Sherlock. The guy is in love with his own voice and he enjoys his time in the spotlight on gaming sites, he's a attention whore and making up shiii that fanboys will argue over is his only claim to fame. I think any of the level headed non-fanboys on n4g could make better predictions....unfortunately that still only leaves about 2 or 3 members of n4g who could do Pachter's job better.


sikbeta3162d ago

Pachter: 'I was wrong about EVERYTHING'


boodybandit3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

But him being wrong is common so I don't see a need to write an article about it.

Then again when you throw as much mud at a wall as this guy does? Eventually something will stick. It must be nice to have a job like this instead of actually working for a living. I need to purchase myself a crystal ball and some webspace and give it a try.

tuglu_pati3162d ago

He's wrong about everything

Sircolby453162d ago

I agree...Saying Pachter is wrong is like saying the sun shines during the daytime. We already know!

ReservoirDog3163162d ago

Well I was honestly a little worried it would sell only one copy (mine), so I see where he was coming from.

In a world where mw2 has an assault rifle with a shotgun attachment and a grenade launcher and every second without calling in an air strike is a wasted second, I was afraid people wouldn't care for a simple six-shooter.

But that just goes to show that R* just makes good games. I'm happily surprised a western is selling well in a world of modern warfare.

Cevapi883162d ago

how about saying "I was wrong about Everything." PERIOD

XxZxX3162d ago

he is only wrong on one thing. Unfortunately that thing is 'Everything'

Alvadr3162d ago

Cant we just put a Patcher filter on this site?

I wonder if he still thinks the Natal will launch at under $50

pixelsword3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Now THAT'S news!

(and that's sarcasm)

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retrofly3163d ago

Why the f**k should he get freebies I bet he earns £££/$$$ od cash, and all he doe sis go "oh that will sell well" "that won't"

And even then he gets it wrong.


Microsoft_Spokesman3162d ago

It's the first time he's wrong.

And if he wants a copy he should get off his ass and buy one, just like the rest of us did.

NiteX3162d ago

The first time? Perhaps you should check your facts.

Microsoft_Spokesman3162d ago

Oh crap, I meant isn't! Woops, lol.

Abash3163d ago

If you haven't realized it yet Pachter, you're wrong most the time...

Downtown boogey3163d ago

I'd say he's right most of the time. I just don't recall seeing any "Pachter was right" news here: pointing out one's mistakes has proven to be much more entertaining, though frivolous.
And even if he's not right that often, he must be when it comes to the things that matter to his employer since he still has his job, alright.


well, who knows... maybe you should start posting all those patcher is right stories.

peowpeow3162d ago

In the deepest of archives :P

aGameDeveloper3160d ago

One thing to keep in mind is that guys like Pachter usually get to see things way before anyone else has heard a peep about them, and it is their job to predict based off that information. So they make predictions based on grossly unfinished products, balanced against information about competing products that may be even more unfinished. So, for example, he may have been asked to predict the success of the 360 vs a PS3 that may have simply been in paper design at the time.

So his predictions may often be like predicting the weather a month from today (with charts, graphs, and historical data), while gamers' predictions are for the weather tomorrow (based off today's weather). While the former has much more data backing it up, it is still less likely to be accurate vs the short-term forecast with little scientific backup.

Coffin873163d ago

where do all these self-proclaimed 'experts' come from that dump their sh*t all over the internet??
i am glad that this crysis 2 storywriter shuts up finally, and now nearly every day i am bombarded with statements from this guy.

-MD-3163d ago

Pachter: 'I was wrong about Red Dead'

I was wrong about Red Dead

I was wrong


bobdog6263162d ago

Pacter or HHG .Take your Pic Folks

SeanRL3162d ago

Pachter for sure, at least HHG has a lot of good news.