Force Unleashed II Story Detailed

In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II executive producer Hayden Blackman has revealed how Starkiller's story continues...

There was a temptation to use another character after the revelations in the first game, but the team always wanted to return to Starkiller. "Once we figured out how we were going to bring him back it all made sense and fell into place," said Blackman. Asked how dark LucasArts would allow the team to take the story, Blackman said they had a fair amount of freedom: "It’s just as dark as TFU I in some ways, but it’s a lot more personal, too."

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Zerodin3255d ago

Starkiller! Mah BOI!!!!

FarEastOrient3255d ago

Is this going to be part if the properties canon like the first game?

Double Toasted3255d ago

To me, you had to be a real Star Wars fanatic to not think the first game was just average. Or maybe I should have bought the Wii version? One of those instances where gameplay trumps graphics?

peowpeow3255d ago

It was average! Fun enough for me though

extermin8or3255d ago

seriously the last was mediocre why are they wasting time and money on this!? it should not exist! Hurry up and bring us a well made STARWARS BATTLEFRONT 3 game! someone! if you must churn out anymore starwars games at all that is!

DeadlyFire3255d ago

Don't worry it is likely Battlefront 3 will finally be unveiled. I hope at E3. Likely not to be released before 2011. Even so though just a teaser and announcement will spur fans back to life. I think it is very likely we will hear something about it at last.

FU 1 was mediocre and definitely a step backwards for lightsaber combat. It should be evolving not going backwards. It worked perfectly in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy in FU it is back to hack and slash. Thats not fun. AI in FU 1 was also terrible. Only real challenge was final two bosses for me. Others were pointless and easy. I don't see how anyone could enjoy easy difficulty on that game. Its too easy.

tatotiburon3255d ago

the story of the first one was awesome, can't wait for this game

Kal11383255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

The game didn't get very good reviews and it had it's problems, but it was, imo, fun and had a great Star Wars story. It also sold almost 7 million copies. That's why it's getting a sequel. If you take the time to read the article, you'll see that they're actually fixing problems that critics and gamers had with the first one.

This is made internally by LucasArts. Unless they plan to develop Battlefront III themselves, then TFU II and any other internally developed LucasArts game, won't affect BF3 at all.

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