Five of the Worst Things to Happen to Video Gaming

Video games are great. Whether it is used as a means to bond with friends or as a quick method to relieve stress, there are few entertainment mediums that have the ability to captivate us the way video games have.

Unfortunately, there are certain characteristics of video gaming that have completely ruined its experience, or have even turned it into a hostile environment. Stress relief? Good social experiences? Not anymore. Here are the worst things to happen to video gaming.

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NastyLeftHook3258d ago

1. fanboyism
2. movie games
3. crappy ports
4. timed exclusives( not genuine)
5. arron greenburg


You already said Fanboyism at Number 1. So you don't need to mention Aaron Greenturd in the number 5.

lh_swe3258d ago

Shouls be at nr 5, This whole new aspect of charging a couple of dollars here and there for small and menial items for games.

vgn243258d ago

achievements/trophies and headshots are the worst things to happen? What 4 y/o write this?

BeaArthur3258d ago

Agreed, 1 through 3 are legit but 4 and 5 are just stupid. Sounds like someone only had 3 issues and just decided to take on 2 more.

karlowma3258d ago

He's right about achievements. We used to play games because we enjoyed them. Now we play them to swell our e-peen (gamerscore). Developers think of the most tedious, asinine, time consuming ways to keep us playing their usually shitty games. Pacing? Story arc? Gone, baby, gone.

UnwanteDreamz3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

"Pleased be advised however, that it is not recommended to consider the "headshots are the best solution" idea in real life situations."

This I find incredibly stupid. In a combat situation I do believe a headshot would be the quickest most affective way to kill a person.

Whats this guys problem with options? No one forces these things on you. If you don't like trophies or achievments then ignore them. It is your own ego that will not let you so blame that. (I dont judge because I trophy hunt too, but I wont blame my own habits on the game.)

Serg3258d ago

I try my best to get the platinum trophy in a game I really like, first playthrough I ignore all trophies though. Got 7 so far, none of those "easy" ones like Terminator: Salvation and the like, as I said, only games I like, I don't rent crap just to push my trophy counter, that is just wrong.

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ShOtCall3r333258d ago

the only thing i care about is the last one #1

PS360_373258d ago

i agree with everything except achievement and trophies. Maybe because i am a trophy/achievement whore!!! But still.

OpenGL3258d ago

What about DLC? Developers often use it as a way of cutting content only to resell it later.

Megaton3258d ago

That would be near the top of my list. When abused, it's probably the thing I hate the most about gaming today.

BeaArthur3258d ago

Even better, DLC that is already on the disc.

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The story is too old to be commented.