We Might Get Yakuza 4 After All

Having campaigned for months for a localised version of Yakuza 3, many fans of the series feared that releasing the game so close to other big PS3 titles - like Final Fantasy XIII - would hurt its sales. Nope!

While Sega won't disclose official sales figures, which is always a shame, the company has provided something even more important for Yakuza fans: word that sales of the game were enough to show Sega that translating the game from its native Japanese was worth it.

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Nathan Drake23075d ago

you see. when some game don't sell well publishers never reveal it's numbers. that's why we don't know numbers for any pc game

sid4gamerfreak3075d ago

@ Nathan Drake2: LOL.

You know what, I'm not even gonna waste my time arguing with you because honestly, its not worth it.

Ignorance is bliss...

knightdarkbox3075d ago

"While Sega won't disclose official sales figures"

only 100 k in americas..

these are VERY disappointing sales numbers Considering this game is one of their big hyped exclusives of ps3 fanboys.

Britney Spears3075d ago

are you that dense? yakuza isn't a big hyped game,in fact people worried about it selling. lost odyssey flopped didnt even sell 1 million.

nycredude3075d ago

vgchartz... ugh

I just want Yakuza 4 NOW!!!! 3 was great!