TheSixthAxis: Red Dead Redemption: PS3 vs 360

We first picked up on the fact that the PS3 version of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was visually inferior in terms of resolution yesterday, reporting on information from the Beyond3D forums. Since then, other sites (presumably with access to both versions) have listed some more of the differences.

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RankFTW4142d ago

I'm still getting it on PS3 (in UK so not out untill tomorrow) as I find the overall image to be alot better looking in everything compared to the 360, I don't know why as they are both through HDMI just much prefer the PS3 graphics.

JokesOnYou4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Of course when there's article after article analyzing the differences of FF resolution and AW being bashed over sub-hd rez, even though its one of the best looking games on any console with Remedy's use of the 4xaa and beautiful atmosphere....aahh but none of these sony kids were complaining about comparison articles then. lol, Now one of the biggest games this year is inferior on ps3 and every sony kid tells us ain't true. Really?, yet R* was very late getting the ps3 version to many big sites like IGN, and now we have respectable sites like this one saying its far more than just a lower rez issue, like early reports suggested (which sony soldiers said wasn't true also) Now its a combination of things like Resolution, Anti-aliasing, Missing Objects, Simpler Objects Textures, and even Framrate=
"And yet, despite all this, the PS3 version doesn’t manage to hold up the same framerate as the silky smooth Xbox 360 version. It’s hardly bad (and there’s some argument as to whether it’s even better than the one in Grand Theft Auto IV) but, according to reports, not nearly a constant frame rate which is actually suprising given the graphical chops and changes presumably made to actually assist the frame rate. This is the only key area which affects gameplay – how much is probably down to the individual gamer."

-oh, but both versions are the same, sure and if these statements were being made about the 360 version I'm sure the reaction by many in this post would be the same, lmfao karma's a beeatch.


halojunkie4142d ago

regardless im getting it for ps3. im soo tired of this sh!t, please no fanboy wars......

hennessey864141d ago

but the problem is when alan wake was leaked as sub hd the ps3 fanboys had a field day so now its the xbox 360 geeks time in the lime light me personaly i have both consoles and shall be getting the superiour version on the xbox just like i did with final fantacy on the ps3

Snak34142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

"The Xbox 360 version of RDR looks super sharp, but with nicely smoothed edges "

Bullshit. The Aliasing on the 360 is almost as bad as on the Ps3. The edges aren't smooth at all.

FragMnTagM4141d ago

I am playing it on the 360 and it has nice anti-aliasing. It really doesn't matter though as the game is a beast regardless of platform of choice.

Hogtying, hunting, bandits, trains, bears, cougars, and such = fun!

No need to compare the differences as it isn't going to stop PS3 only owners from enjoying such a great game. If I had just a PS3 and not a 360, I would still pick the game up and have a blast, regardless of a few differences that could very well be fixed with an update.

N4GAddict4142d ago

I'm playing the PS3 version. The game looks great.

WinterWolf4142d ago

The game plays very well. After reading some of these articles, I was becoming worried but if you are not comparing side by side, the differences are mostly negligible.

The frame rate is actually impressively smooth, with very few exceptions. And the colors on screen look way better than the stuff I have seen in these comparisons. Texture Pop In is kind of noticeable if you are going really fast on your horse, but not a big problem.

FrankDrebin4142d ago

the game my friend. It is amazing!
You won't even know what you are missing when compared to the 360 version.

XactGamer4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

Why is it when tigersnake86 says he is playing the PS3 version all is fine but when N4PS3Fanboys says he is playing the 360 version it considered trolling?

This site is broken and bias

raptorjacob4142d ago

you left off the last part of n4ps3fanboys post which is the trolling part. You are right it wouldnt have been if he would of left it as he is playing the 360 version and it looks great.

xabmol4142d ago

You new here? Or do you just like stating the obvious?

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