TIMJ Review: Alan Wake

When a game that has been many years in development is about to be released, it’s difficult not to reminisce and think about where you were when the game was first announced and the feelings you had when the developers gave you those first juicy details and whether those same feelings are still relevant today. Six years ago, the Xbox 360 platform wasn’t even released and Alan Wake was a game coming exclusively to PC. As we all know times have changed.

Of course, as we’ve been waiting for the game, many great releases have since come to light, some of them offering similar gameplay mechanics to Remedy’s latest. This has led many to question whether the release will hold up to today’s standards. Part of the problem Alan Wake faces is that it has been in development for six years and inevitably sets the standard incredibly high for itself, as surely a game that has been in development all this time would have to be a truly exceptional experience.

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RayWillmott3072d ago

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you enjoy this review. Please take the time to drop some feedback and tell me what you think. :).

Inside_out3072d ago

Great review Ray...I felt the same on my play thru....Having played the ACTUAL game gives you a different perspective on reviews...Here's hoping the DLC blows us away....;~D

RayWillmott3072d ago

Thanks. :). I tried to keep spoilers out as much as possible as this games core is its story and I just wanted to give the reader a feel of the atmosphere they will experience while playing.

The DLC interests me greatly, though I hear it may be the same story but with a different perspective. intriguing.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed.