Sony Italy launches Videostore for PS3 and PSP Sony Video Delivery Service: perhaps also has a nice sound, but if you do not understand the English think of it as the Blockbuster home. The only drawback is that it will be accessible, of course, the owners of a Sony console (PS3 or PSP).

A nice simple and effective service. A database of films, which we hope will grow ever more from those who must film the latest news, all divided by category and all accessible in several ways. Basically we will be able to purchase or lease, in the second case we have time 48 hours from first viewing to see and review our favorite movie. Prices? More than honest on average 3 or 4 euros for the rental and between 10 and 16 euros for the purchase, including movies in HD, at least during the tests at the conference this evening, showed no changes in price.

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Denethor_II3072d ago

WTF. Sony get it sorted you mugs!